josh howard,rudy gay,quinton richardson, david lee

If we got rid of pryzbilla,howard,webster, that would leave us with more then 12 mill in cap room a year. I am telling you AND this is while keeping rudy for trade add in also . Alot of these guys we could grab np. So if we dont drop get 2 of these guys below for rudy,pryz,howard,webster and maybie some draft/euros i say fail portland big time.

TONS and TONS of consistant scorers and yuour players. It Is somewhat unorganzied but u get the point.

IWhat I ask of you which 2 or one player should we grab?

(I would try for alot but my top 5 would be in best to last Sean livingston,David Lee,Raga bell,quinton richardson,TJ Ford. I  am not sure in this case if we grab 2  somewhat cheap players or one semi star.

I checked all the stats for each payer which you cant to and all are consistant shooters some with amazing 3pt shooting.

Howard,pryz,rudy,webster,miller,cunningham are on the trade stand.


If we could get David  lee for pryzbilla,rudy cash.other stuff, He is a younger scoring machine,, he is big,he can rebound from tme to time, I dunno Al harringt



PF  David lee current 7 mill------------------------------------------------------------- OFFER 12M 5Y WE NEED A SCORDER VERY MUCH

PF  AL Harrington 10,000,000--------------------------------------------------------------- RIGHT HERE WAITING TO BE PICKED

SF Richard Jefferson -------------------------------------------------------------- 14,200,000 PERFECT FOR U

Grant Hill 3,000,000---------------------------- RENT a year or 2 if needed cheap good def consistant shooting

 PG T.J. Ford   8,500,000 andre replacement ------ up to u all andre aint gona be around forever

SF Rudy Gay      $3,280,997---------------------------------- MAKE AN OFFER 12 mill/rudy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SG  Kyle Korver------------------------------------------  Consistant scoring/ 3's machine (hurts Utah)5 million cheap

SG Mike Miller 10,000,0000 COnsisnt scoring/uber 3's machine (upgraded kyle Korver but twice price

J.J. Redick 2,800.000

 SG John Salmons 6,400,000 Trade webster and  6m maybie somethin else... we need a damn shooter

 PG  Jordan Farmar   1,974.200 try to steal from lakers for andre replacement =) IF ONLY

 SF   Peja Stojakovic  13,392.000------------------------------------------------------------ good spreader consistant..


SG   Josh Childress ???

SG  Raja Bell  5,250,000------------------------------------rudy,webster and whatever else...

SG quentin Richardson    8,700,000------------------------------------------ rudy/webster and whatever else

SG Michael Redd 17,000,000 pryzbilla,webster or rudy and 10m

   PF Carl Landry      $3,000,000            ANY ONE OF THESE THREE CAN TAKE JUWAN HOWARD PLACE
 PF Drew Gooden           4,580,735  PF Tyrus Thomas             4,743,598


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