Free agents we might be able to snag with a mid-level exception

With Ron Artest accepting the mid-level last year, (well below the amount of money he could've gotten) you might expect at least one of these players to do so this year, possibly even with the Blazers

Ray Allen - A pipe dream but still somewhat plausible. He would definitely provide the shooting McMillian stressed about.

Tracy McGrady - A huge risk. If he's willing to come off the bench for b-roy and batum, then he'd be a major upgrade over Rudy.

Shaq - not gonna happen for many, many reasons but his name is still intriguing to list.

Stephen Jackson - Big time nut case, but has the defense and shooting to really help the Blazers.

Jermaine O'Neal - I don't know where the minutes will come from but he'd be a pretty good backup in case one of the front line players get hurt.

Mike Miller - Lights out. A definite improvement over Rudy.

Rip Hamilton - Interesting name. If he can stay healthy and is willing to dump the Pistons for a winner then maybe the Blazers should look in his direction.

Josh Howard - Has a good mid-range but I think he's quite limited, despite good PPG averages.

Quentin Richardson - 3-point shootout champ a few years back, but then again, that was with the showtime Phoenix Suns.

Udonis Haslem - good backup to LaMarcus but seems to love to shoot mid-range a little too much.

Peja Stoijacovic - very very interesting name, don't know if I spelled it right though

JJ Reddick - another shooter on the list.

Kyle Korver - see above. It would be great to have Ashton Kutcher on our team.

Matt Barnes - tough guy and a shooter. May be a little bit too Rasheed for my tastes though.


Cheaper players to look at:

Anthony Morrow - A restricted free agent. Good 3-point shooter and is explosive when he wants to. I question his drive a little bit and if he really is deserving of mid-level money.

Kyle Lowry - Good, attacking PG. He constantly put Oden into foul trouble in the playoffs.

Maurice Evans - Swingman who can shoot. Can be signed for super cheap, although I don't see much improvement in terms of our current roster.

Steve Blake - You know him already.

Rasual Butler - Another Clipper, another shooter.

Shannon Brown - Explosive and decent shooter but may be a bad fit for the Blazers.

Adam Morrison -... hold for laughs. I'm gonna say it now, Luke Babbitt is AMMO 2.0

Sasha Pavlovic - shooter, not good improvement but still has some room to grow.

Roger Mason - inconsistency forced him on the bench at San Antonio but he should be affordable seeing how low his stock is right now.


Of course I left out big names such as Lebron and Wade. Tell me who you'd like to get, who's mostly likely to be gotten by the Blazers, and any names I left out.


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