Kevin Pritchard is an evil, and conniving traitor

At least that's what I'm hoping to read tomorrow when I pick up an Oregonian/Portland Tribune/Mercury/Willamette Week/Blazersedge.  Whatever.  Somebody, credible, involved with the team, please, show hard, factual, proof, that Kevin is far from the golden boy he's been made to out be.  I need to know that KP got what he deserved.  Maybe KP was jockeying for position and rubbed some people the wrong way.  Maybe he sought out the attention of the media and fan base a little too much  Maybe Mr. Allen trusted Kevin with his dog one weekend while away on business.  Upon returning Mr. Allen discovered that his beloved scruffy was nothing more than a sewer rat KP had painted in an attempt to fool Mr. Allen after said dog had been lost/destroyed in a freak M-80 accident.  I don't know, I'll take anything at this point.


Because.  The alternative is that two, fully grown, intelligent, men are acting like children.  Two men who couldn't come together and squash their differences on a matter that, from the outside looking in, seems petty and beneath the both of them.  Two of the most passionate Blazer fans in franchise history couldn't put their differences aside for the good of the team.  Hell, for the good of the city.  When the team is potentially on the verge of achieving what we've all been chasing for what seems like forever.  We're so close.  Only to find that it's really not about winning a championship at all.  It's about the lime light and who get the lion's share.

Over the last couple days I've heard a lot of talk about stability and the role it plays in successful franchises.  Well, I'm not as schooled in the ways of big business like Pritch or Mr. Allen.  However, I learned long ago at my first job as a sixteen year old kid which was a highly coveted position as lead cook at the local Pizza Hut, the real number one factor in any successful business is COMMUNICATION.  All this could have been avoided with a little face time.  Watch how easy it is:

PA:  Hey, Kev.  We need to talk.

KP:  Speak on it boss.

PA:  Well, you've done a great job here, but, rest of the crew, myself included, feel you're getting too much credit.  We need you to tone down your appearance.

KP:  Sure thing boss.  Maybe I can fly Blazer One to France tomorrow, scout some more Euros and stay outta the way a while.

PA:  Sounds great.

PA:  Oh, Kevin, one more thing.

KP:  Yes Paul?

PA:  Can you bring back some of that Apple Tarte Tatin that I like so much?

KP:  The one with the touch of lemon zest?

PA:  That's the one.

KP:  You got it boss.

KP:  Can I have $150,000.00 for gas?

PA:  Here, take the card


See how easy that was people

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