LeBron James' Decision Based on Intangibles?

In the aftermath of the 2010 NBA Draft most sports analysts are proclaiming the Chicago Bulls to be the "Biggest Winner" of the draft, after they did not gain a player at all; what the Bulls did do is move Kirk Hienrich and their #17 pick to the Wizards, wich cleared $9 million from Kirks deal and the guaranteed money the pick would have received to get nothing in return and thus pushing Chicago to the #2 position in open salary cap, meaning they are now in the running for TWO potential Superstar Free Agents.  So the Knicks have $34 million in cap, then the Bulls have $30 million and then the Heat have $29 million, and all could afford to sign TWO "big name" players on the looming free agent market.

But lets not confuse ourselves...  This isn't about TWO players at all, it is all about ONE player, and that is LeBron James.  James is the player that is coveted by every team and they are clearing cap to show that they are willing to lure other players of his liking.  But the truth about where James is going to go isn't revolving solely around the free agents that are on the "Big Name" list, it is about ALL the intangibles surrounding any team scenarios James could potentially get into... check out this read from CBS regarding LeBron and free agency....

It's about the Empire State Building vs. Cleveland's Terminal Tower vs. Chicago's Willis Tower (formerly named Sears) vs. the allure of South Beach vs. what's to come in Brooklyn. And it's about so much more than that -- the rosters as they're currently constructed, the coaches who are (or will be) in place, and most of all, which max player is going with LeBron.

"LeBron can go wherever he wants," Falk said. "I don't know what his criteria are. Only he knows that. Is there a certain player he wants to go with? But I definitely think the Bulls have the opportunity now to have two guys, and that could be very attractive."

I understand those people who think that LeBron "wants" to be in only the big big city, but James will be able to make essentially the same money anywhere, max contracts are set, LeBron is clearly one of the most marketable players both nationwide and globally, so he will continue to get almost unlimited endorsement and other business opportunities.  Simply put, LeBron James is definitely not narrowed to the CITY in which he signs, nor the REGION, he is a true SuperStar, not just the biggest name player on any ol' team in the league, a bona fide SuperStar! 

So why wouldn't LeBron be looking at the Portland Trail Blazers roster and wonder if the most likely spot for him to reach the pinnacle of Basketball kinghood, NBA Championships, be found by choosing to force his sign and trade to Portland? 

So why wouldn't LeBron be looking at the Portland Trail Blazers roster and wonder if the most likely spot for him to reach the pinnacle of Basketball kinghood, an NBA Championships, be found by choosing to force a sign and trade to Portland?  Brandon Roy is clearly one of the best young talents in the league and Portland has cleared out their GM obviously looking to go in a different direction like Target a big free agent.  Everybody in Portland wants to only talk about a new point guard, but pairing LeBron James with Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby and Greg Oden is a very intriguing direction.  Portland would need to get James in a sign and trade, and Cleveland already knows THEY don't have any leverage in this negotiation and will get back whatever makes the deal work for James to land on the ROSTER that he wants to land on...

In '96, Falk represented most of a murderer's row of free agents that dwarfed this summer's class. Falk had Michael Jordan, Alonzo Mourning, Juwan Howard, Dikembe Mutombo, Kenny Anderson and others who joined the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller and Allan Houston on the open market. There were no max contracts at the time, so the agent actually had to negotiate. Once that part was done, Falk said, it came down to the same issues that will guide LeBron and Wade 14 years later. 

"I told my clients that my job is to get you the same offer from three or four different teams," Falk said at the draft Thursday night. "And your job is to tell me, do you want to play in the North or the South? Is there a specific coach you want to play for? What are the intangibles? Don't let the money make the decision. Today, the first part's done for you. There is no negotiation. LeBron is going to get the max wherever he goes and his decisions should all be based on whatever intangible factors are important to him."

So if LeBron James actually has multiple Championships on his mind, it would make sense for him to consider teams outside of the obvious "Big City" News that we are constantly innundated with.  Yes I know there are plenty of haters out there who think the CHANCE of LeBron becoming a Blazer is a Million to One, but the fact is there is a chance.  Kevin Pritchard is leaving this roster in great shape, Coach Nate McMillan has some experience with LeBron and I am sure has his respect, and Brandon Roy continues to prove he is a winner in this league. 

Since we don't have a GM, time to audition:  How would you make the LeBron sign and trade work AND What secondary move would you do round out the roster?  Portland has contracts that it can move, lots of talent-laden prospects that can be support pieces or solid tradable commodities, no GM with a predisposed direction or particular tie to any of these players, and an owner who has claimed to be willing to do whatever it takes to win a Championship.  LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller, Pryz contract, Nic Batum, Jerryd Bayless, Dante Cunningham, Rudy Fernandez, rookies Luke Babbitt, Elliot Williams and Armon Johnson could all wind up on the move or staying as a piece to further build around the James/Roy/Camby/Oden core..... 

Where are we going new GM?

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