Webster Appreciation Thread

I just loved this guy. It was an irrational love, sure, but I did.

Sure he was an enigma at times. He blew hot and cold, occasionally at the same time.

While I think, given Batum's performance and the looming salary issues, this was the right move, I must say Blazer fans tended to undervalue his defensive abilities his last few years on the court.

My personal favorite Webster memory was 3 seasons ago when I scored a few 10th row seats early in the season for a game. Webster was on the floor, defending somebody on the baseline, the crowd was not really into the game yet, but Marty was just blanketing his guy. He was up in the guys face, good stance, moving the ball handler backward, hands in the passing lanes, he just was awesome challenging the player. The guy couldn't do anything with the ball, I got up and started clapping ,shouting good D, good D, good D, over and over again, people literally turn ed around and looked at me like I was crazy.

It was fantastic D though, and he had several possessions before in front of us where he was denying his guy the ball and crowding them phenomenally well. next possession he did the same thing and I started cheering him on again, clapping my hands, the lone guy in my section standing, again people were looking at me (I could not figure out why). I was a new Blazer fan at the time, I am a Portland transplant having moved here during the jail Blazer years, not the best time to draw in new fans.

Anyhow the guy I went to the game with is a long time Blazer fan, so I asked him why people were looking at me. He was like "well martell Webster was not exactly a good defender his first few year's with the Blazer's". I was a little surprised given what I had just witnessed honestly. I kept cheering him on that game. he was the biggest surprise for me that night, I was hooked on him after that. The people around still thought I was crazy though.

I watched the rest of the season and he was real solid on D all year, but when I would come on Blazer's Edge I noticed he was always downplayed on the the defensive end. He came up huge this year on the defensive end for us as well. Still never much credit given to him. He was never able to shake his early reputation with fans though.

Well I am here to say, Thank you Martell Webster, your D will be missed and you yourself will be missed.

Good luck to you and your future success...


So what your your favorite Webster moment?

here is one Martell Webster memory from the thread below I wanted to give top shelf recognition:

MW pushing cars outta Snopocalypse-buried ditches still wearing half-cast

There were at least 2 public account of regular folks that were stuck in ditches Martell Webster suddenly appears out of nowhere to help get them unstuck. He was out driving in his SUV and stopped more than one two help, still wearing the cast, too.

Just a real good guy.

Keep Portland Weird.

by Broy_07 on Jun 25, 2010 1:26 AM PDT reply Star Unrec? 1


Awesome kid.

Here is some video:



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