While the dust has not yet settled...

I'd like to think optimistically for a moment.


It seems possible to me that while Bayless, Armon, and Elliot are all fighting for that combo guard spot next to Brandon.  Hopefully Armon can improve his percentages,  and (from what I've read) Elliot is in Bayless' boat in needing better playmaking skills.  They're the same size and if it breaks that Elliot is more of a distributor than Bayless (I make no bones about not being his fan) he may work his way to the starting point spot.  Really we need a comboguard next to Brandon and he may be it, not necessarily coming off the bench for Brandon.  It seems that Armon needs to be a designated PG (according to Buchanan on the draft video) and may be lined up to be the second unit leader.   Neither may see burn this season but I'm willing to wager that's how it shakes out if Elliot proves the better distributor than Bayless.   I think it'll be interesting to see how the alotted minutes for the guard position switch up through the season (especially if Dre is kept.)  Mills is gone.  Rudy is a footnote.



We all know Nic is special... throwing comparisons around has proved distracting from realizing that he's a pull up jumper away from being a complete contributor.  I think Dante will be as good a tweener as you can ask for in a bench player by the end of next season.  Pendergraph is a locker room/injury insurance type player that will remain his coachability and dunking for years to come.  Babbitt is interesting to me.   I think he'll be a solid contributor on the offensive end early on and if he gets competitive may earn some SF minutes while Dante is a 4. 



We have Oden and Camby.  'Nuff said.  I would like a third 7 footer though...


FAs would be nice.  A lot of us have thrown Mike Miller's name around.  David Lee is on the market, as is the Argentinean headache from 2009 round one, and others to consider.  Not to mention all the undrafted rookies we'll get to watch in summer league.


Euro Blazers

Can we please bring Koponen over for another Summer League? 


Lineup I'd most like to see at this minute:


Dre / Elliot / Babbitt / Dante/ Oden

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