What's your dream rotation?

The fun of draft time and the FA signing period is that you get to play GM for a while.  Granted, its a lot more difficult to pull of trades than us fans think, but it is fun to dream.  If you could, what is your dream rotation - and how do you get there?

For me - I'm building my team around Roy and Aldridge, and also not trading Batum, Oden, or Camby - who is basically Oden insurance.  I'm also hanging on to Cunningham because I like his energy off the bench, he can backup the 3 and 4, and I don't have to play him a lot of minutes.

I also would like a nine man rotation instead of ten.  My goal is to get better defenders and shooters at my point guards, and a scoring wing to back up the 2-3 positions.  I'm making available Prysbilla, Webster, Rudy, Bayless and Miller.

Move 1.  Prysbilla/Webster and Portland's number #22 pick - to Chicago for - Hinrich and Chicago's number #17 pick.  Chicago is building around Rose and thus starting Hinrich out of position at the 2 spot, plus they get rid of Hinrich's second year salary for Prysbilla's expiring contract.

Move 2.  Bayless - to Indiana for - Indiana's #10 pick in the draft (and player to make the salaries work).  Indiana is rumored to be taking a point guard, but would also prefer a veteran player.  Also rumored to have offered the pick to Minnesota for Flynn.  Bayless would certainly fit into this spot.

Move 3.  Miller/Fernandez and the #10 pick - to New Jersey for - Harris and the #3 pick in the draft.  Apparently, new coach Avery Johnson and Harris did not get along in Dallas.  This allows them to swap verteran point guards - plus Miller's contract is shorter in duration if they want to get out of the financial obligation.  They've also talked about wanting to be an international team and who is more internationally loved than Rudy.

Move 4.  The #3 pick and the #17 pick - to Philadelphia for - Philadelphia's #2 pick.  Why draft Turner at #2 when he is the same player as Iguodala.  You pick up an extra mid-first round pick, drop down only one spot to take the best big man in the draft.

Move 5.  Select Evan Turner with the #2 pick.

My rotation for next season:


1 - Harris           2 - Roy           3 - Batum              4 - Aldridge           5 - Camby

         \                  /          \              /             \                  /                \         /

             Hinrich                   Turner                  Cunningham               Oden


I still have my mid-level exception to sign a shooter if needed - like a Korver.  I have Penderfraft as additional Oden insurance.  And I probably resign Howard for the leadership - if he is interested in a lessor role.  And yes ...... I'm starting Camby over Oden - please don't make this the topic of this thread.  You can switch them if you'd like.

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