Houston trade

If anyone needs a a center its Houston. We have worked with them before in trades and what not and seem to have respect for eachother (fans/owners). I like Houston, they are  my next favorite team and have a few players we could really use.

First off portland is stacked and the center postion next year most likely and we need a good defender/shooter. Houston really needs a true center to help out Yao Ming who can hardly play half a season and possibly a shooter added in to the deal for one of the guys mentioned below.. I am not going to go through the trade machine or anything i am just talken about str8 up trades and maybie picks and a little money.


this is who I would like to see  on portland. I am talken about one of them and I am sure we could do it #1 i believe.  2 would be a steal  and worth a try :P


1.Shane Battier: great defense player and can shoot the 3 ball. Can even grab a rebound or 2 rather often. He is well liked around the NBA would make Portland a team even more respected and he could really spread out the floor and add some toughness . He reminds me of Nic in alot of ways.

I say trade ppyzbilla/rudy 1 euro pick of their choice str8 up if you guys think it's to little but I really think its fair do to their need for a true center/ rebounder which are rare now days.I think the money is about even and battier is much more consistant on the defensive end and has  Rudy 3 point power in there also. Great guy in the locker room and a great hustler. The women would also get a player they can go gaga over  in return also, its works in so many ways .

Houston gets a great 7ft defensive rebounder and some toughness , and Rudy would get the minutes he wanted and cover the missing 3's that are taken away from battier.He would also give them some clutch 3's and steals. I keep adding more to this because it really does seem like a nice deal for both party's. Aaron brooks/rudy would work veeeery well together, brooks is like a beast sergio and would compliment him nicely .... now if we could only get aaron brooks somehow. AND of course we toss in in draft/euro stuff to sweeten the deal. Houston also gets Spanish/lady attention in return :P.

Fun little bench line up and you could replace 1 or 2 of them with Roy/Batum/miller/aldridge when  needed. Couple solid vets and 3 young blooming players. Double team kobe with batum/Battier =unhappy kobe







I through in batum to because this would be a crazy defense second line up with also some ranged firepower.This would just be fun to throw teams off pace while our starters rest. This group could really spread out the floor a bit also.


Now there is alot of players around this guys level but remember we are talken  houstons need for true center to back up ming and some added firepower  in return.He also brings what we need consistant scoring He is spendy but pryz and another mid range player could even it out and as i will mention toss in euros/drafts. we could drop some players or somehow do a 3 team trade. You figure it out. AND houston does not use him nearly as much as he should be playing...  Kevin Martin

In fact, Martin plays fewer minutes and gets fewer shots per game than Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford or Jason Richardson, Ray Allen, Monta Ellis or Mike Miller.



martin                              have batum/battier  sub between roy/martin




This lineup is pure scoring and some good rebounding.The money lines up nearly perfectly.

Something like  pryzbilla : rudy,webster,bayless and Euro/draft stuff, whichever they choose. If hey chose bayless which i doubt they would that still gives us a good amount of time to grab a  vet pg at some point soon and use Roy/Battier as pg when needed. I would assume they would want rudy/webster to make up for scoring loss. Or hell we could even trade camby webster/rudy + euro/draft rights which would give them  a couple years to grab another center.Martin has mentioned he would like to leave. Hell give em pendy to.


I love Camby and would only do this if joel was back 100% by next year


Anyways the whole kevin martin thing may be getting a little nuts but hey we need a vet consistent scorer and the money works out. BUT i would rather see us get aaron brooks :P


The battier deal in the end is more realistic and if we could somehow get him in rudys/webster place and sub for batum or however you wana work it when needed that would be such a huge upgrade. Battier could also play point backing up miller depending on the team. He would shut those point guards down. He just knows the game and his role, and has great court vision and would be great in the locker room. He does the stuff that doesn't show up on the scoreboard, and then again sometimes it does.



one last quick little tid bit. What about a 3 combo of miller/pryzbilla/rudy/bayless/webster(their choice) and maybie some euro/draft pics for aaron brooks??? Of course giving away away only 1 pg.


As I said these last 2 are pushen it but who knows? Its not TO crazy, but Battier deal i would like to see the most, well maybie I would want aaron brooks more of course but battier deal is doable and would not mess up the team chemistry as much as martin would i would think.


Either way i been tossing ideas about houston trades and i know some people are gona shut them down due to my last 2 trades. BUT I would like to know how you feel about grabbing battier? a defensive beast version of rudy and still gives the portland lady's someone go drool over :P

   Once we get rid of pryzbilla why dont we grab 35 year old ben wallace as insurance    $825,497 a year.... center version of juwan howard :P>

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