Our team.... Our missing piece.....get at (almost) all costs

This is what we need simple as that.

we need to pussy footing round and grabbin kids out of the draft and euros and what not while our young core ages.

We need a long erm star point gaurd that can shoot the 3 ball.

best option is spurs, second would have to be hornets to get one.

We are not getting cp3 and we dont need him so forget about him.

Tony parker is what we need. We need championchip experience, a long term pg solution, and he can spread the floor and shoot. EXACTLY what we need. If pritchard fails to see this then i guess we go for Collison.

we need to simply get parker. They need to drop him and they need/love big men and some young talent. So we need to uit stock piling all these good players and get a great one or thats what we are going to continue to be. A GOOD team.

Now if they insist on batum as part of it then we take it. A young all star champion point gaurd for a SLIGHTLY undeveloped highly skilled guard who’s peak if he gets there could MAYBIE be in the scottie pippen/artest 2.0. Even in that case we still would need a A scoring machine,young vet, champion point gaurd, parker instead.As he is more around the age of our core players anyways atm.

Now hell, parker will most likely want a max deal next year or somewhat close to it if he earns it and if he does GIVE IT TO HIM.We will end up payen a fortune for batum when the time comes anyways. Again I do not want to get rid of Batum AT ALL just sayen if thats the final offer we would be silly not to take it…. would love to have the french connection (aldridge,parker,batum.)

More realisticly Since the Spurs are gona have to drop him and need a big man some cheap scorers most likely this is what we go with.

Miller/prybilla/rudy (hopefully) miller/camby/rudy, or toss in webster somehow if they wanted by subtracting whoever out of one of the 3 deals. Of course we could throw in a little cash this way and some draft/euro stuff if needed.

Now dont kill me here but Oden would work here also.I dont think the spurs could pass that up. A young replacement for tim duncan when he leaves and give the guy a break. + potential of top 5 big men in league easy if healthy.

 We could also throw in some money and maybie a euro if they wanted one. now i know everyone NOOOOO ODEEEEEEEN!!! I bet we could even get em to toss in bonner’s cheap contract for floor spreading/3’s when needed np.

Keep this in mind our bench/tradeable players would consist of while still having back ups as long as we didnt get rid of both miller and bayless of course: *******Bayless,miller,rudy,webster,pryzbilla,Bonner,*******

With this/dropping some free agents we could easily grab a high priced C OR C/PF mix I chose Boozer cuz he just popped in mmy head … replace with whoever u want to hand a 15 mill+ a year contract to. while still keeping Bayless.

So basically this is all possible and we can offer a NICE C C/PF a big contract and getting Tony parker AND keeping or traden up for another scorer to go along with bayless/bonner or bayless/rudy depending on who we would keep.

Hell other teams need centers to so we could offer boozer a Nice deal and throw in pryzbilla. so would be Camby/boozer,aldridge,howard,pendergraph bigs along with 2 young all stars, 3 if u wana think of aldridge as one aldridge. and oh shit our nice center we could afford once we got rid of pryzbilla/webster/miller, thats nearly 20 mill in space right there :P.

I may be forgetting some rules here but somethin along these lines could be worked out.

It all starts with spurs and getting Tony Parker…. even with GO or aldridge if we needed to which like I said we could afford steven lee or boozer to hang with camby once we drop miller/webster/pryzbilla and maybie even rudy/bonner even though they dirt cheap atm and dont have to. Might as well keep them on bench, possibly keep miller another year if we wanted to or trade him and rudy or bonner for a upgrade gaurd to backup roy,batum

Keep in mind this would be a title contending group i would say with boozer and camby healthy (along with everyone else) and one stacked friggen team for at least this year and for the forseable future once we decide which guard or 2 we want to keep if any.

so basically there is basically one option done a few different ways all revolding around getting tony parker.

2 of our teams could look like this easily if we wanted to if we got parker and dropped in the worst case scenario Oden or aldridge for TP. To do bottom teams we would also like i mentioned above get rid of webster,pryzbilla,miller, maybie some small bonuses/picks could get a nice all star like i been saying.
this would be gettin rid of Oden

roy,rudy,Bayless Raja Bell (using butler example of cheap rudy replacements)

Boozer/Lee, Camby ( u choose camby sidekick… can offer large sum/nice trade so think somewhat big.

OR this if we got rid of aldridge
same thing but

We could offer new york/Utah: Miller,pryzbilla and 7-8 mill (from webster) or webster instead of his cash and again I have David Lee and Boozer in my head.

New york would take deal cuz they would get a nice 7 foot defensive rebounding machin instead or just str8 up take the 15 mill in cash if we drop pryz and web to get another big name if they wanted. I would think they would want pryzbilla though. Hell they may even deal for Andre if we lucky as a bonus cuz we gotta drop his contract to someone also to do above plan.

Utah would do it for same reasons I would think or maybie even more likely to. They could have money or both Andre miller to back up williams and have a qaulity big replace boozer.

we get what we want they get what they want and this is assuming Bosh, or whoever we want dont exept a max deal from us once we drop these 3 or 4 players.

roy, Rasual Butler,bayless
batum,Raja Bell
/aldridge,boozer/lee cunningham                              of course joe johnson/bosh make full offer..... see if u can
/Lee or boozer/Camby

grab landry

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