Just Who Are "The Vulcans"?


I've read so much negative stuff about "The Vulcans" over the past several months on BE that I finally decided this

morning to actually do a little low level research on them using my favorite tool, a Google search.


The picture I had in my mind going into this is a group of shadowy, faceless creatures that reside somewhere

around Seattle.  Vulcan sounds a lot like Vampire or maybe Vulture (why is it that these "v words" all sound so



The Vulcans have been credited with being cold, blood thirsty  creatures who love to torture KP, fire assistant

coaches on a whim, will end up firing Nate sooner or later, only consider the bottom line, and generally suck the

soul out of the Blazer franchise.  Most of us don't know anything about the Vulcans, but many assume they are evil

doers-just because SOMEONE must be!


So, full of trepidation, this intrepid cub reporter asked Google "who are The Vulcans"?  What came up was George

Bush's war cabinet and "fictional extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek universe who evolved on the

planet Vulcan".   Not being much of a Trekkie myself, this latter description may help explain why the Blazers'

Vulcans are seen in the light they are.


Yet, I had a feeling that these definitions were not what I was after.  So, back to good old Google again.  This time I

asked "who are Paul Allen's Vulcans"?  Bingo.  What came up this time seemed more promising.


Vulcan (not The Vulcans) has a web site at .  Perhaps not surprisingly for an outfit connected with

Paul Allen, the web site is pretty cool with lots of good video including a picture of the Rose Garden.  At the top of the

web site it says this:



Vulcan creates and advances a variety of world-class endeavors and high impact initiatives that change and

improve the way we live, learn, do business, and experience the world.


Sounds interesting (and safe) enough, at least so far.

By clicking on the About Us tab  it says:



Vulcan's leadership is a diverse group of individuals, bringing their broad expertise, foresight and verve to our

endeavors. Our organization's collaborative approach to everything we do fosters high levels of achievement

within the Vulcan community, starting with senior management. They champion and support talent, model our

company values, and spur the creative thinking and teamwork that makes our mission and vision achievable.


Sounds like what we'd like for our Blazers, doesn't it?

One more click on the Leadership tab and up comes what must really be "The Vulcans"!  Here they are:

Some even come with pictures!


Reading through each Vulcan's bio doesn't immediately reveal any basketball expertise, let alone anything that

sounds like an evil doer.  However, these creatures are crafty and they probably wouldn't print anything incriminating

(did you ever happen to visit Blackwater's web site?)


I don't know what conclusion to draw from this little fact finding journey.  But I do know that I like to be at least a little

knowledgeable about people before I start laying some pretty nasty labels on them.  On the surface, it wouldn't

appear that any of these Vulcans (save Paul Allen and maybe his sister) would have much interest in who the

Blazers have as assistant coaches or even for that matter, as the head coach.  Or, even who is the GM.  


Maybe it's the "Hat Guy" after all....  Time for another Google search!



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