Is Confidence High?

  So Blazer confidence high?

   The past few recent years I thought the overwhelming feeling during the off season was hopeful. Even the Oden rehab year  was  full of hungry anticipation over what might become.

    I've been reading the "What's The Slogan Now" thread, and seem to notice a high degree of mistrust, or cynicism being communicated in the slogans as a whole.  Most of it, is good natured and presented in a tongue in cheek manner but taken as a whole it seems to illuminate a growing mistrust of management and a receding confidence.

   I can only conclude that confidence among Blazer fans, while not at an all time low, is also not very high.  Seems like in light of Oden and Brandon injuries and in light of Vulcan, Allen, Pritchard "turmoil" everyone is holding their collective breaths....just waiting to see what happens. I can only further conclude that given the tone of the slogans as a are not particularly confident that management and/or our talent base is potent or competent enough to meet expectation.

   We've been here before,  for different reasons,  during The Jail Blazer era. But I suppose that it's a good thing that it seems odd today.

   Am I misreading things? So Blazer fans, Brandon, Oden, Aldridge, you still believe? Paul Allen / Vulcan and Blazer to create and sustain a winner?

   Just seems to me that given the roster we have, and the management situations that are developing this off-season and the upcoming next season could be the most pivotal time in recent Blazer History.

   If this team fails, or doesn't meet expectation, we could be right back at square one.

   I just can't get a good feel from any place whether this team and franchise is coming together or falling seems to be on the brink of doing either.

   I myself offered the slogan "Nothing Has Been Determined" and I was 1/2 joking....but there is a grain of truth to it. The problem in having confidence in The Blazers or hope for the future is that is seems that Roster, Coaching, Management and even Ownership are all in a place where nothing is determined.  Thus, it's hard for me to think confidence is high surrounding this franchise.    

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