Freebie Junk 6/11

What up
To all rappers shut up with ya shuttin up
And keep your shirt on, at least a button up
Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin males?
Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendale's

Thank you for that DOOM. Follow me after the junk for some jump.

I was reading this super swell website called Pajiba the other day and they had this post:

the freebies list

first off, ugh tilda swinton. You have taken your love of movies too far when you start saying Tilda Swinton is attractive in any way. The only reason the movie Orlando worked( and I'm using worked very loosely because i detest that movie) was because tilda swinton can pass as a guy. Some may say she is androgynous but i prefer the term terrifying land dragon.

second it raises an interesting topic of discussion. Who would be your 5 freebies?

I was gonna make my own list but then I was all "I'm not married so they wouldn't be freebies it would just be a who is really hot list"

my who is really hot list( taking into account the rules of the freebie list):

1. alison brie: No surprise here. She's adorable to begin with, add in that she is on my favorite comedy right now and it makes her go from a 9.5 to a 11 (you better believe these go to eleven).

2. Diora Baird: She's really hot to begin with, also she has an entertaining twitter feed.

3. Scarlett Johansson: Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man.

4. Heather Graham: They should only show the scrubs episodes she is in.

5. Four way tie (my list my rules) between Jenna Fischer, Lizzy Caplan, Alia Shawkat and Hye-jeong Kang. I couldn't pick between either because each played a big role in something I enjoyed making them more attractive. Jenna will always be Pam Beasley. Lizzy is great as Casey Klein(also was on freaks and geeks as a hot disco chick). Alia was all awesome on Arrested Development (i know she was pretty young when that came out but me and her are about the same age so I was pretty young too). Hye-jeong Kang was the love interest in Oldboy, simply because she was in oldboy she gets on the list( she's also pretty attractive, so that helped too).

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