2010-2011 Blazers


Okay, first off we have to assume Oden is going to be healthy enough to play 20 mins a game every game.  Also we are going to assume that Webster and Batum stay at the same level they are right now.  The team makes no real moves this summer and brings back Patty Mills for two years.  This is my line ups.


C- Camby / Oden

PF - Aldridge / Cunningham

SF - Batum / Rudy / Webster

SG Roy / Rudy / Bayless

PG Miller / Bayless / Mills


I think Camby deserves to get the start at the 5 but I don't like that when you have Camby and Aldridge in together there is no real post up game.  Both big guys like to stay out and shoot the jumper.  But Camby is likely to rebound where Aldridge seems to never want to rebound. 

At the 4 its a no brainer here.  Aldridge is getting a ton of money and he needs a ton of minutes for his offense to be productive.  Plus he won't clog the lane when you have Miller and Roy in the game who need some room in the lane to make their magic happen.  Plus he is more than reliable on the midrange jump shot.  Both Pendegraph and Cunningham played good minutes last year but, Cunningham needs to work on getting his jump shot going but he is young and has potential.  Plus playing behind Aldridge he isn't going to be playing a lot of minutes anyways.

At the 3 Batum wins hands down.  Webster proved again how unreliable he can be.  His defense is tough which is a plus, but he doesn't really force teams to play him on the perimeter.  Batum will provide both.  Here too is where I think Rudy can find minutes.  The only downside is Rudy will have to play with Roy at the 2, and they will have to switch on the defensive end so that Roy can guard the opposing teams 3.  Roy is just too uncomfortable playing the 3 on the offensive end which we saw last year.  Webster will get minutes when both Batum and Roy are resting.

The 2 Rudy can find some time here when Roy is resting if, and only if we force Bayless to play back up PG.  I am undecided on this one because  I think that Bayless is a natural replacement for Roy but playing back up to Roy it leaves him with limited minutes, and it leaves the team with Mills as the Backup PG.  Only the summer league will tell if Mills is ready for that. 

Miller will start the PG and he will be better than last year.  He and Roy finally seemed to get into sync and were playing a good three man game with Aldridge.  I like Bayless right now to back him up, but Mills could be the next back up PG for us.  I really see Bayless playing combo guard and Mills filling in some limited minutes.


Rudy has to be our 6th man.  He can fill in at the 1-3 so this should be possible.  Plus he can shoot the 3 ball and drive the lane.  I just worry about his passing abilities.

Pendegraph will come in for garbage time or if we decided to just try to hurt the opposing team.  I am not counting on Pryzbilla being healthy anytime soon so no reason to factor him in. 

All in all we are set for another good year if we don't have any injuries.  The only sticking spot I see is who is gonna back up Batum. 

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