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As we focus on the draft and this off-season, it is nice to hear some potential blazers moves, Like moving up in the draft, or acquiring a mega-free agent through a sign and trade. Personally, as a Blazer fan I love to stay updated and specualte on possible options for the off-season. If we were to acquire a Chris Bosh, or a Demarcus Cousins I would be salivating over next season, but with that said how realistic do you think any of these rumors are. I don't mean to be negative, but I think it is quite possible the blazers stay quiet this off-season.  We have a solid bunch of young guys, and compared to the rest of the league above average depth.  Why do we need to go out and make a splash? we had a 50 win season, finished 6th in the western conference all the while starting guys like Juwan Howard, and Jeff Pendergraph, as well as playing Dante Cunningham significant minutes. We had the 2nd mossed missed games due to injuries than any other team. Our best player was hurt for cruicial streches of the season, yet we were resillient and battled to finish as high as we did. Though guys were inconsistent, (Point imaginary fingers at Rudy Fernandez, Martell Webster, and Jerryd Bayless) we discovered a lot from this season that can be valuable for the upcoming years. We learned Greg Oden can dominate if healthy, that Jerryd Bayless can get to the free throw line at will, and that Dante Cunningham can be relied upon as a bench player in this league.

  What I am trying to get at is that I would be perfectly content with a healthy version of the 09-10 roster being our 10-11 roster. I would fully embrace change, but I am not for trading away core pieces of this team for unproven rookies or highly overpaid aging stars (Dirk, or Tony Parker). The Roster and depth chart would go as follows:

PG: Miller    Bayless

SG: Roy       Fernandez

SF: Batum   Webster 

PF: Aldridge Cunningham

C: Oden       Camby (also backing up aldridge)

Draft Picks: Eric Bledsoe (a little early, but I really like his game)

                      John Scheyer (insurance for if Rudy leaves)

My projected off-season isn't one to have dreams about, but it is one that would continue are path upward in the western conference while not diminishing our window of oppurtunity. We may not win a championship with this projected roster this upcoming year, but with patience I beleive the ultimate goal is attainable. Besides, I turn 15 next week, so I still have lots of time to watch my Blazers.

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