I'm trying to write a list of my top five draft steals then HBO real sports ambushes me and makes me think of Oden

I have a hard time admitting that HBO Real Sports is a good show. I love HBO. Real Time with Bill Maher, Real Sex, Curb your enthusiasm, True Blood, Treme are great shows. Treme's intro music sucks though. Its sounds like a wannabe New Orleans Good Times. I'm not sure exactly what I have against Real Sports. Maybe its because the show has so many tear jerkers and I'm too much of  a sap, maybe its how Bryant Gumbel comes off as an old know it all who takes a common sense stance just so he can be right about everything. My own internal guess are the show topics. If its not tear jerker or knee jerker reactionary stuff, man bites dog or the inane show with a topic like barefoot running. Maybe I'm alone or maybe you can say it with me. You hear a topic like barefoot running and you think. I don't want to watch this $#!T. Then you watch and again you are wrong. It was a interesting. And it got me thinking. Whenever I ponder what Oden can do to stay healthy I always assume he should use more cushion in his shoe. Really after this season I wonder what the whole team can do to stay healthy.

That show was awfully convincing. There was a real case made for reducing injuries with less shoe between foot and floor. It brought me back to when I use to run the 40 barefoot. I ran a 4.8 barefoot and a 4.9 in cleats. Pretty good for a fat body.  I remembered Nike's "run barefoot" campaign. I didn't know what it was inspired by. Maybe the Trail Blazers should consider restructuring endorsements  and manning training camp with the barefoot shoe.


Oh here are my top five draft steals.

First let me define what a steal is. I'm no expert so I'm going to make the criteria uniform and base. A steal is anyone that should have been drafted a lot higher. A guy picked in the 2nd round that plays a long productive career is a steal. You don't need to be Carlos Boozer or Gilbert Arenas. I think even a player like Bobby Brown is a steal. I don't even think he was drafted so you can name players that should be drafted in the second round. You can even name guys like Cousins who will likely be picked in the top 5 if you believe he is going to be the next Moses Malone. If Cousins is the next Moses Malone he is a steal at 5.

I have been right and wrong in the past. The guy I was most right about was Kobe. The guy I was most wrong about was Shelden Williams.

OK so here art yon top fiveith.

1. Xavier Henry
I normally don't trust Jay hawks but this guy just seems underrated. He is a one and done but people are acting like he is a safe pick who can help right away. Well if he is a safe pick that can help right away doesn't that mean he could really really help down the line. He is built like Josh Howard and brings like defense but he has more soft skill on offense. He can play the 2 and the 3... I think he should go top 5 but some have him outside of the top 10.

2. Quincy Pondexter
When evaluating college players I'm a big fan of FG%. I love players that can score easily. Pondexter averaged close to 20 points on 52% shooting. I live in the northwest so I saw how he did it. Pondexter scores a lot like LeBron. He sets up his shot with drives to the basket. This guy wasn't shooting 52% off of great setups though he did play with a good PG. He went and got his own shot. He could spot up for three but that was more of a compliment. When you can shoot 52% while gangstering so much of your offense it says a lot. I also like the fact that he is a great teammate and he just stinks of a late bloomer who responded well when given the chance to be a star. He is slated for the 20s I think he should go high teens.

3. Luke Babbitt
Again the shooting stats are off the charts. He can also rebound. He has an NBA body with a 6'11 wingspan. He can get his own shot. Luke was a McDonald's All-American who played up to expectations. I think he deserves more of a buzz.

4. Brian Zoubek
OK he is a senior that could barely score 6 points a game. I think injuries had a lot to do with his disappointing college career. Disappointing until he won a championship as a starter. He was one of the main reasons why they won. He reminded me a lot of UCLA's George Zidek but damn Zidek seemed to be a liability until he shut down Corliss Williamson in the championship game. Zoubek never looked like a liability. He was a real force when he got his minutes. Ah but Duke is Duke... Still the guy isn't even in the top 60 on most draft boards. I say he is at least worth a mid to late 2nd round pick.

5. Patrick Christopher
When he is hot he is hot. PC is a volume shooter who scores in bunches. There is a lot thats wrong with his game. He has little potential. His shot is flat, the release is low, and he is a tad small for a SG. Outside of his jumpshot he doesn't have that many redeeming qualities and his shot is flawed but I still see him as a potential steal because I expect his game to transfer to the NBA. He is a walking heat check who is athletic enough to play with fire. He can move and get his shot on the break so he doesn't have to take bad shots. He might shoot himself back to the bench but so do many other guys. Its worth the risk when he drops 10 points in a qtr and breaks open a game. Like Zoubek he isn't even a sure bet to get drafted. If you want a shooter off the bench I would give him a look. Its always nice to have two last or two first names. Grant Hill, Michael Jordan, Brandon Roy etc etc

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