Thoughts about the draft - player movement

Some thoughts about the team and possible moves...

I posted this on Oregon Live about the question, if you were the GM...and of course do so without the benefit of hours of watching players and doing research on them, so it's based on what information is at hand. With that being said here is some thoughts:

Unless someone comes along and offers a blockbuster deal (Chris Paul, Bosh, maybe Devin Harris, etc.) I think the thing to do is stand pat, for the most part (keep the core group together) and hope the team gets healthy.

However I think they could tinker a bit - especially if they don't think they are going to win it all next year, which is unlikely, but hope to make a push in two years. If this were the case then I might look to move some pieces (especially pieces that may not be happy with their current situation) and pick up some talent in the draft that may be ready to contribute in year two.

Some of those moves might be trading Rudy and the rights to Victor Claver to Toronto for the #13 pick (maybe Toronto, which has a fair amount of international players, would accept such a deal).

Then deal Bayless and possibly cash or the #22 to Indiana for the #10 pick (too much to offer?).
And then look at seeing if they could get into the end of the 1st or early second round.

With those selections, I'd take Xavier Henry and one of the PF's - Patrick Patterson, Ed Davis, Ekpe Udoh, take a look at Daniel Orton or possibly Larry Sanders (although Larry could fall around the 22nd pick, where the others should be gone by then). With the late first/early second would look at players such as Solomon Alabi and Mikhail Torrance as possibilities (wouldn't mind seeing a PG prospect being taken here that could be looked at as competition with Patty - if neither one looked like they were ready to play behind Miller, then it wouldn't be a bad option to look at making a deal for one or bringing back Blake until one can be sought).

If this were the case, the team would rely quite a bit on Martell for next year - backing up both the 2 and 3, with Xavier getting his feet wet. I think Duante would do okay spelling time at the 3 as well.

The team would have to feel one of the PF would be better then Duante or Jeff in order to make the deal, or look at Hassan Whitesite as insurance down the road for Greg.

A player I'm starting to have some interest in is Luke Babbitt. He tested out better then I thought at the NBA combine (among the players who are likely to go in the top 40 picks, he had the 4th fastest lateral agility drill and tied for second with the best Max vertical jump (37.5 - only John Wall had a better jump) - didn't expect this out of him. He has a great shot from the outside and the question was could he create his own shot and be quick enough to be a decent defender. So while the combine shouldn't be weighted much (emphasis isn't anywhere near what the NFL combine is on skill test) - it can show that the athleticism is there. This isn't a position of need, but from what I know of him, and if the team made a deal that included Martell, it wouldn't break my heart if the team selected him.


This may not be the direction the team is wanting to go, getting younger, but again I wouldn't mind keeping the core intact and bringing in some players who might  contribute quite well to the core in a year or two down the road.

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