Dreaming of a more competitive league

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm tired of the predictability that comes with watching the the NBA.  The Western Conference is already a power house and in my opinion the East needs to get better.  We've long established that it takes more than one or two guys to get it done.  Boston and Orlando seem to have taken notice.  They have stacked their rosters, and you could probably even make an argument for ATL. as far as talent goes, but the rest of the East needs to step it up.  I think this F/A period is a perfect opportunity to bring some much needed parody to the NBA.  I've heard a lot of talk about which team this guy or that should go play for, but here's is what I'd like to see happen, and I'll stick to just KEY guys.



Dwight Howard (obviously) 

Dwayne Wade:  in a sign & trade for Nelson and Carter assuming the Heat would lose Wade to F/A anyway. 

Rashard Lewis. Nobody is taking that contract  

Raymond Felton: MLE



Michael Beasley (???)    

Jameer Nelson (via sign & trade for Wade).  

Chris Bosh (F/A.)  The Heat have money coming off from J. O'Neal, and who wouldn't want to play in South Beach. 

Joe Johnson (Sign & Trade for Vince Carter).  Think of that rivalry.  Wade goes to Orlando and now these two teams are slugging it out for a possible top seed in the east.  Two good markets.  NBA would love that.



Josh Smith:  gotta build around somebody.  

Al HorfordLove his game   

Vince Carter. (Sign and trade for Wade).  Has expiring contract in 2010-11 could be good trade bait.   

Jamal Crawford (expiring contract.  Might be worth something.)


New Jersey

Brook Lopez:  Don't know if I can call him a "marketable" star but a damn good big man none the less, and this is a league that's short on quality Bigs.  

Devin Harris:  some people like him.  

Terrence Williams: nothing but upside.  

Favors/Cousins:  again nothing but upside.  Probably go with favors playing along side of Brooks up front.  

Lebron James:  If he were smart he'd call Portland home.  Nobody in our little town would have the gonads to ask about his mom.  Since that's not gonna happen, NJ is the best place for him.  You need a Big man is this league.  It's not as critical as it once was but it makes thing so much easier.  Leave Cleveland.  Michael Jordan murdered that franchise along time ago.  Never win anything there.



Elton Brand:  for the sake of my dream lets hope he can regain his form.

John Wall:  Cuz if there's any justice Evan Turner will be the #1 pick.

Iggy:  We all know what he brings.

Samuel Dalembert:  Not much offense, but a solid defender.  Plus, there's only one ball.

Jrue Holiday:  Next generation PG.  Fits the Rondo, Westbrook mold.


New York

Who cares about the Knicks.  The Eastern Conference has been awful for 10 years and despite having infinite resources, a huge back yard of local, and regional talent, and the back drop of playing in NY;  the Knicks haven't been able to get it done.  Inexcusable.


This is just a few things I'D like to see.  Before you judge me too harshly please remember this is just one man's dream.

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