Broader Sports Radio Opinions (Not Just Rome)

I was inspired to post my thoughts on this based on the earlier Jim Rome post. I hope very much to get feedback from the BE community.

I've been wanting to talk radio for a long time. Since I moved here in 2001 from Seattle, I've listened to sports radio probably a median of 4--6 hours per day (including nights....wake up at 3am just to catch M&M. Plus the daily commute from Salem to Portland State didn't hurt!) I'd like to share my opinions, hear yours, and out why everyone hates Dwight Jaynes...

about Dwight: He reminds me of Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon) in Star Wars: always a little downbeat, bored, sardonic. I think the trio of him, Tone, and yes, Chad, are great. So why does just about everyone here hate Dwight?

I don't miss Gavin's presence on the show. I liked him (especially the "Gropp and Mop" days), but the combo of him and Chad was too juvenile/off-color for my tastes. I can only hear the phrase "d-bag" once a month, not once a segment.

Big "Suke" and Gropp are fun just because they remind me of what a cozy, small-time deal PDX really is. Pure camp. When I was ill and used to have cable, I'd even watch their broadcast on tv!

And Colin is great. Great because he's entertaining. He seems to think he knows it all, and sometimes I really disagree with him, especially when he veers off to social issues. I consider him the Rush Limbaugh of sports radio. He's a little pompous, thinks he's the one who's got it figured out, doesn't mind offending his listeners (but keeps it clean), and cleary grasps the business side of talk radio. One thing's for sure: he's unique. Plus it's nice having someone who at least acknowledges PDX and Seattle exist.

As far as Jim Rome: sorry, I tried his program as directed but just can't stand it. To me, it's like Gavin+Chad on steroids (clearly they were trying to copy him.)

I like the rest of the espn prgramming generally, Freddie Coleman, Erik K. (the lawyer), and John kincaid (if he's on anymore). One thing I like about espn is they obviously have *very* strict standards wrt what their hosts can say to avoid offending people's sensibilities. It's "safe for work" (and family) radio.

I like the local The Game guys in the pm, but I wish they'd talk more hoops and less everything else. They're blazer insiders, and if I want other sports, I'll catch them somewhere else by a nat'l show that knows more anyway.

So please: tell me your thoughts. I await them anxiously.

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