Training Staff Conundrum-Earth to Paul Allen!

Greg Oden is our concern here. It seems we are not the only team questioning our training staff. The Lakers have a discussion about the handling of Andrew Bynum with LAL vs. what the Phoenix Suns are doing today.

Bynum can't stay healthy either. Even now he is battling a torn meniscus. The Sun's trainers were able to fix an underlying physical problem in Grant Hill that escaped other teams' physical trainers. This allowed him to continue his career for the first time, healthy, without falling victim to career-ending type injuries. The article is a great read and one important note I take from it is the comment from an Egoscue Therapist.

a friend forwarded me this post. Love it. The problem is the Laker staff seems to be entrenched in the old model. If you injure something, then you need to strengthen all the muscles around it. So blow your knee out? Then strengthen all the muscles around the knee.

What they are missing is the POSITION of the body and they are not dealing with the body as an integrated unit. I’m the clinic director of The Egoscue Clinic in Austin, Texas. I’ve been a Laker fan since I was a little kid in the early 70s. I predicted to friends over two years ago, in writing, that Bynum would injure his left knee because I saw a photo of him at his rookie media day event and his left knee was in a crappy position that left it vulnerable. They’ve done nothing to improve the position of that knee and the training he’s done has probably served to amplify the mispositioning, leaving the knee more predisposed to destructive torque.

I saw video of Vitti explaining Bynum’s injury and rehab process. He acknowledged the mispositioning (valgus stress) but it sounds like he is treating it like it’s a genetic thing they have to live with. They don’t. It can get a lot better if you provide the body the proper stimulus. I have little faith they are doing that.

I don’t know precisely what the guys in Phoenix are doing but it sounds a LOT like what we at Egoscue do and how we look at the body. So yes, there’s a reason their guys get better and healthier while others don’t. You have to look at the body as a unit and treat it as such and consistently strive to present the body the demand it needs to come back to balance. You do NOT strengthen a mispositioned joint, that’s a prescription for injury.

Now look at how Greg Oden's rehab has been handled in the past, contrary to what the Egoscue therapist says. Video Jay Jensen in the end saying, "make sure you get a load of that muscle…his quad muscle. Look how big that sucker is!" is a little scarrry if the Egoscue Therapist is right.

The Egoscue method could be written off as quackery in certain rings, but with 24 official clinics worldwide, I think thats enough clout to argue with a physical trainer or two. The other lesson folks, is never write something off as quackery until you have been exposed to both sides fully, then make a decision. Don't make a decision based on only seeing one side of the equation. That stance is biased and unqualified to make judgement.

What are the advantages if these Egoscue guys are right? You could put your whole team through it. You would be able to draft/trade players with better vision as to what afflictions are fixable and not(risk/reward). It could the root cause of most of the angst this organization is running into. Is KP in hot water if GO is being seen as the 2nd coming of Dwight Howard and Brandon Roy is able to keep his nagging problems silenced? All of this doom and gloom seems to be a path that this organization does not have to go down.

**** EDIT **** Here's another article about the Suns' training staff and process'. It also highlights how teams and players like Nash and Stoudemire did not buy into their methods at first, but are now full believers from results. Thanks to Natsthecat for link in comments.

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