A Realistic Offseason

So ive been a long time follower of blazers edge and after reading some ridiculous posts about the off season talking about trades for chris bosh/lebron or moving up in the draft for a top 5 pick, i decided to make an account and share a few of my own (more realistic?) ideas...

so basically this teams biggest need is a long term answer at point guard. someone young who can play a backup/developmental role for a couple of years until hes ready to take the reigns once andre is gone.

Some people like bayless and think he can fulfill this duty but in my personal opinion (which i beleive is the general consensus as well) is that he cannot. I think hes a shoot first, undersized two guard who was able to dominate in college because of his superior quickness and ability to finish. I know its only been two years and im sure he will improve his game but based on what i have seen i just dont think he has what it takes to run a team.

Alot of people want to trade for Devin harris or whoever, but i just dont think its possible without trading one of our core players.

Which leads to my idea: package bayless and the 22 pick to trade up in the draft and take Eric Bledsoe. If youre unfamiliar with him heres some info. Hes basically everything we need. Tough, good defender, pretty good shooter, pass first point guard with alot of upside. He backed up john wall last year so he wasnt able to showcase the amount of talent he truly possesses.

The downside to this is we now have a rookie as our backup pg (not good if youre trying to win a championship) which leads me to the next move. Use our MLE to sign a serviceable backup for the next couple years while he develops (hes still only 19). Someone like luke ridnour or even steve blake would be perfect. If everything works out we got a good rotation in the present and a possible franchise pg in the near future. We get better without having to break up our core, allowing them to develop more chemistry together.

PG- Miller, Blake or Ridnour, Bledsoe

SG- Roy, Fernandez

SF- Batum, Webster, Cunningham

PF-Aldridge, Camby, Cunningham, Pendegraph

C- Oden, Camby, Pryzbilla

We will also have pryzbilla to use as a trade chip (assuming he cant come back) to package with someone like rudy if we decide to switch things up before the trade deadline and grab another big man. But hopefully Oden will prove wrong and dominate so this wont have to happen.

Anyways just thought ide throw out my idea. let me know what u all think

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