A Spaniard for success...

As we all saw yesterday the draft lottery picks went down like so:

1. Washington Wizards

2. Philadelphia 76ers

3. New Jersey Nets

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

5. Sacramento Kings

6. Golden State Warriors

7. Detroit Pistons

8. Los Angeles Clippers

9. Utah Jazz

10. Indiana Pacers

And On...


We are currently holding the #22 pick in the NBA, but knowing the Blazers we wont be picking at 22. It up to individuals opinions if the Blazers need to add some pieces to our roster. One way to add these pieces is through the draft. The way I see it, to be more certain of getting a player, who can slide in and make a quick impact for the team, you need to pick up higher.

Out of those up high, I feel like we have the best chance to trade for the Timber Wolves. This would mean moving to get the #4 pick. My thought process behind this is based on a few assumptions:

1. The Wolves would be willing to trade their number 4 pick in order to get Rubio  over. As we have seen a good point guard can really help a team improve.

2. The Wolves would take Rudy Fernandez (a spaniard) to give Rubio someone familiar to pass to. We saw how much having a fellow spaniard can effect the others game. Rudy was so much happier and effective when he was getting passes from Sergio.

3.The Blazers management has the smarts to get it done.

So the trade looks like this:


Minny gets:



 if needed filler players (Prytz, Pendy)


Blazers get:

#4 Pick

if needed fillers to match wages


If this was to go down, who do you think the Blazers should select with the #4 pick?


Its pretty safe to assume that Wall and Turner are gone. But I feel like the best player that we could add would be Wesley Johnson.

Wesley Johnson, SF, Syracuse: An athletic scorer who played just one season for the Orange after transferring from Iowa State, but Johnson made it count. He averaged 16.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and shot an impressive 41.5 percent from 3-point range. At age 23, he is slightly older than most top-five NBA picks of this era.

Our real problem that has been highlighted during the season, is we dont have that many guys who can create their own shot. Brandon, and sometimes Batum, are the only ones who can pull up and drop points. I also think him being a little bit older, means he is a bit more mature and ready to go.


What do u guys think? Given the assumptions.

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