Trade Drawer w/ Established Draft Slots

Now that Ben had to poke at my excitement level with those gems on the front page reading "Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that sources believe the Blazers might make a play to move up (high!) in this year's draft. " and "Houston and Portland are two teams that will be working No. 3 Nets and No. 4 Wolves hard to move up in the draft, league sources say."  it got my brain racing:

Lets first assume that the Blazers are DEFINITELY trying to move up to #3 or #4. And lets say the Blazers are working on a deal with the Nets. What type of players do they need, and what type of players do they have that we want along with the #3 pick. We have heard Devin Harris' name mentioned on this blog almost as many times as Kirk Hinrich. Harris would be a unanimous favorite to be the PGotF (PG of the future). He is young, athletic and can not shoot. It is pretty much agreed around here that the best fit for Roy in terms of the PG and SF is someone that can defend and shoot. But I think we all would be willing to overlook his flaws if we could swing him in a deal along with #3.


Now that I have the center pieces coming to Portland in this hypothetical trade, what about the center pieces we are giving up? With all the young talent coming in to us, we need to be sending back just as much (or at least making it seem like they are getting fair value... AKA, a Pritchslap). So I ask myself, "what would I want if I were them?". They are no doubt putting all their hopes in LeBrons hands. So what fits well with King Lames? He needs 3-point threats around him and bigs that can spread the floor without clogging his lane. And after what the Nets are giving us, they would be left with Brook Lopez, Courtney Lee, and not much else. More specifically, their best PF would be Yi. So I am assuming LMA is in this deal as the center piece for the Nets. Their best 3-point threat would be Keyon Dooling at 37%. So I am thinking Rudy would be on their want-list as well. As long as I am talking about who they would be asking for, I know they would want Batum, but I refuse to give him up for an unproven rookie, unless I wasn't giving up one of the big 3; in which case I could part with Nic. The Nets would be left with a void at PG if they traded Harris, so I need to throw them one. I am a big #4 believer, and I  don't feel other teams value him as highly as the Blazers do, so I am giving them 'Dre. Throw in some fillers to round it out and the trade looks like this:



Blazers Receiving:

Devin Harris

#3 Pick ....(I would think Derick Favors if they moved LMA)

Yi & Dooling (to match salaries)


Nets Receiving:

LaMarcus Aldridge

Rudy Fernandez

Andre Miller

#22 pick


Don't get me wrong, I feel like the Nets would reject this offer, but I am just throwing this out there as a starter to get some other things going. I am actually terrified at the idea of giving away one of the Big-3 with the intentions of drafting a younger player (Derick Favors), but I am going off the assumption that the Blazers are ABSOLUTELY trying to move up to a top 3 or 4 spot (thanks Ben for this WMD you just laid on my brain/sleep/sanity/free-time). And I feel to move up to #3 or #4, it will take a HUGE piece of our cake, but could also land us a nice piece of a different flavor of cake. I like variety.


So what do you all think? Would you give up an LMA to get a top 3 pick + another piece (like Harris)? Would you be willing to throw in Batum? Who would you draft at #3 (assuming Wall and Turner go 1-2)?

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