Draft Drawer 2010

On June 24th the Trailblazers will have the 22nd and 44th draft picks.  There are plenty of mock drafts out there so I thought I'd compile a list and start the banter flowing. For more information on each player, click their name and it will jump you to DraftExpress bio.  I know all our feverish slobbering minds wanna slap our opinions all over this subject so lets get it going!

List of Mock Draft Picks for the Blazers:




Paul George -  20 years old, 6'7", 185 lb., projected SF/PF.  Sophomore out of Fresno State.



Avery Bradley - 19 years old, 6'3", 180 lb., projected SG.  Freshmen out of Texas.


Chad Ford of ESPN

Larry Sanders - 21 years old, 6'10", 220 lb., projected PF.  Junior out of Virgina Commonwealth.



Damion James - 22 years old, 6'7", 225 lb., projected SF/PF.  Senior out of Texas.


Rip City Project

Dominique Jones - 21 years old, 6'4", 205 lb., projected SG/PG.  Junior our of South Florida.


LA Times

Stanley Robinson - 21 years old, 6'9", 225 lb. projected SF/PF. Senior out of UConn


Okay so there are a few options floating around some of the more outspoken basketball minds on the net.  For what its worth if the Draft were held today hands down my pick would be....



Quincy Pondexter - 22 years old, 6'6", 220 lb. projected SF.  Senior out of University of Washington.


Out of all the prospects we could take at the number 22 spot I believe Quincy to be the most reliable pick whom we could confidently grab. 

PROS -  He is a 4 year college player so his basketball IQ is already higher then half of our current roster.  He is a defensive minded wing who actually chooses to attack the rim before taking the jump shot.  He is from U Wash so he has a strong connection with Brandon as it stands. 

CONS - He is a bit short for the position but carries enough weight to make due.  He does not yet have a consistent nor confident touch beyond the arc, but with his steady progression in his ranged jump shot it doesn't seem out of the question that he could put this is in toolkit. 


Lets hear what you all think....

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