A Fan's three off-season bullet points for the players, Nate, and management.


Sign LeBron... jk

1. Sign Pritchard

2. Trade Webster or Rudy to move up and get a top big man or trade euro farm for a middle pick big. If Rudy or Martell can score you Monroe or Cousins you make that trade if not look to snag Whiteside. Washington might make that move because they have young talent at Center. If the Wolves slipped to 3 Rudy could help them sign Rubio and like the Wizards they have good young big men. Personally I think any team that makes that deal is a bit crazy but some teams are crazy and Rudy has more skill than Cousins. But Cousins is just a great fit. Oh how cool would it be to have a Marcus, a LaMarcus and a DeMarcus?

3. Sign a defensive veteran guard. Someone like Tony Allen.


1. Sure up weakness. I'm all for conservative coaching. I just watched my beloved Washington Capitals with their high scoring free flowing offense get damn near shutout by a conservative 8th seed and lose the series too. The problem with the Trail Blazers is that they don't excel well enough in their core to runover to their weak spots. The team is last in points in the paint, and second to last by .1 points in fastbreak points. You don't want to be the worst in anything. Even if you have a slow pace rebounding and execution should spill over into the fastbreak and get you easy baskets in the paint, The team also needs to address the pick and rolls on defense and offense.

2. Perfect the strengths. Develop a money zone and a money press. Two years ago the Trail Blazers had one of the best zones, In the 08/09 season the Trail Blazers had a pesky fullcourt press that they used to boost their defensive intensity. Nate needs to stop going away from what works. I realize that you cant run too much zone and press too much. Thats not my point.

3. Get some post plays for everyone. Remember when the Trail Blazers had 4 players that could post. Sheed, Arvydas, Pippen, Wells... Batum should have posted Nash on the first poession. If Rudy gets traded Webster may play more 2 and if they put a small guard on him he needs to post.



1. Rest rest and more rest. Been a tough season.

2. Shoot 10k shots a weak. If his shot can improve from good to great the Trail Blazers will win 5 more games off of that alone.

3. Watch how Dirk puts a body on people. Nowitzki rebounds well for a perimeter player. Watch hockey. My coach used to tell me that defensive rebounding is the only chance you get to hit people. Learn the hip check.


1. Rest the shoulder

2. Work with Andre Miller on the post game

3. Work with Roy. Pick up some ball handling tech.


Bayless should have maybe the easiest path to real improvements. He already has a great work ethic and now he knows exactly what he needs to work on. Wasn't game 6 the epitome of his young career. Had moments where he closed his eyes, tight in fact but still finished with 7 assist.


1. Eye the starting spot. Andre Miller was a better player than Bayless for most of the season. Miller's ability to abuse smaller guards is uncanny. But is he the best fit next to Roy? Isn't he a slow starter?

2. Think Defense. His foul rate improved throughout the season everything else seemed to get worse. He needs to trust his quickness a little more, pester the ball better and time his flops with more wisdom. Then he needs to study how teams run the pick and roll.

3. Relax his shot. Someone made a great point that he does over elevate. Blame Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for that legacy. Oh and he should shoot 1,000 fts a day and maybe shoot half while stoned.


1. Have a hotlink meal with Miller

2. Make himself at home. Buy some rural property, Find a crew to camp/hike/hunt with.

3. Work with the young bigs and while he is at it take 1000 three pointers a day.


1. Develop a crossover

2. Learn to shoot off the dribble

3. Weight training.


1. Community service.

2. Grant an interview with

3. Anything else to be know as a good team guy. (Help his trade value).


1. OD on Spain. Go home and get sick of family.

2. Join a streetball circuit. Bang with some kids that have the NBA dream.

3. Study Sprewell. Spree was proof that you could average 20+ points with a stutter step and less quickness than Rudy. Of coarse Spree could shoot off the dribble which is the thing that Rudy can practice on the street.


1. A close door with Nate. Ask why Batum didn't post Nash, why did he have to guard Nash, As you can see I'm not that low on Nate. I only had a few issues with his handle of the series.

2. Work with the youngsters

3. Challenge Camby to see who can better improve their bench press max.


1. Take Oden to LA eat junkfood and sleep

2. Close door with Nate on how to get more off ball stuff going to the hoop

3. Mentor Batum and the bigs on how to post and pass out of it


1,2,3. See Diener



1. Jump rope to develop muscle memory and quickness

2. Get some custom shoes with memory foam and take some

Hyaluronic Acid

3. No hoops until a month before camp.


1. Ask EA and Take Two if he can use his black eye picture in the video games.

2. Hit the weights

3. Study Rick Mahorn


1. Install a bathtub

2. Ask Miller to bring him some Hot Links

3. Send Oden the jump rope he used when he was doing the boxing training.


Watching Pippen on the Bulls I came to the conclusion that a lot of Jordan rubbed off on him. Roy needs to rub off on Batum and Webster.. and they all need to start studying film like Batum.

1. Work with Batum and Bayless

2. Make up his mind to become a leader/floor general on defense

3. Mail the blowouts playoff loses to Miller and request the Hotlinks.. extra spicy.


1. Work on his post game

2. Work on his handles

3. Take 100K shots




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