Has OKC stolen The Blazers destiny?

   I'll admit that maybe this is just depression from the sudden end of a strange season. But I watched the end and post game of game 6 between LA and OKC and I have to admit this feeling and thought hit me...

    So LA get's a one point win. The OKC fans are roaring.  Supportive even in defeat, the stadium a sea of blue with white caps of beating thunder sticks.  Kobe is given the usual sweat drenched on the court quick exit interview. He is asked what he said to Durant and Green after the game. He say's he told them they were fantastic players....he then admits that OKC is a team they will likely have to contend with for years in the future.

   Hmm, why do I have such a bad feeling? Since this wasn't our series and really who cares what Kobe says? Is it because somehow I feel like that was suppose to be us?  Just a few years ago weren't The Blazers suppose to be the young, up and coming team laden with young talent that would challenge the league for a decade?

   With Durant and OKC getting the accolades for challenging LA and now firmly taking the up and coming young team mantle where does that leave The Blazers?

   Listen, I absolutely do NOT want this to be another "we should of taken Durant" or "Durant vs. Oden" post.  That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is where are The Blazers? Yes we had a valiant season but so much seems up in the air concerning this team.

   Do we have enough? As talented as Brandon Roy is, is he going to be durable and healthy enough to lead us to whatever success is possible?  Is Aldridge PF enough to keep us competitive with Boozers, and Bosh's of the league?  How high should I keep the bar of expectations for Oden, or how low should I set it? Is Greg Oden legendary All-Star a dead dream?

   OKC is clearly now the feared young team. Durant is being groomed and hyped for a long career as a young superstar.

   Meanwhile Oden is getting snacks as the game flickers on television. Brandon is limping into games while the soundtrack of Rocky is piped over the loud speakers. What was just a few seasons ago the up and coming feared YOUNG roster of The Blazers is now depending on aged veterans such as Miller, Camby and Howard.  It's a fine line between adding experience and depending or expecting guys closer to 40 than 30 to open or keep your championship hopes alive.

   Add to that we now have a situation where there is some type of unspoken rift evidently happening between Ownership and Management because nobody seems willing to either 100% back Kevin Pritchard or Axe the guy and you have to wonder if the great destiny that seemed layed before this team just a season or two ago hasn't de-railed.

   What will this teams destiny be? I can't tell if we are about to Rise Up or if we are a meniscus tear away from another rebuilding project and then beyond that, if we did rebuild I don't know who would be at the helm calling the shots......not a place I thought this franchise would be or was heading.

   Why does it feel to me like OKC has taken our destiny?   

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