Junk's Synchonicity - 04-05-2010

Do you believe in coincidences? Are seemingly random events related to one another by unseen forces that compel reality? What do you think it means if you get a fortune that says "The job is well done".

This Junk is Forever and Always dedicated in loving memory to the late mrs. idol. RIP love. 

On April 4th, 2010, a magnitude-6.9 (later re-classified at 7.2) quake struck about 6 miles below the earth's surface at 3:40 p.m. PT, about 110 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, via LA Times. At this exact same moment in Vancouver, WA, someone departed from this world for the next. She always had a way of making her presence felt.


Blessed be.


update 4-9-2010

This junk has done a lot more than I figured it would have because of all of you. I just read something particularly moving by the oft absent EK that I had to post here because I want to steal it for my eulogy.

i would have expected to recant my recent whereabouts in the lines of some lesser greek myth. but, i’ve briefly recompensed my absent w/ the footing of the junk drawers; my life/actions shall be replaced with only what i can render at the present:

i’ve read some poop in my day, from some of the smartest bipeds to do a jig in the history of histories, but let me be the first to tell you i know nothing of the world or how it works. life is ocean vast beyond our view; inexplicable by any story, whether it charts or philosophies. in so many ways, we know very little of anything. the world, as we have seen and experienced it yields but one true ending; and with this true ending comes the crucifixion of our hearts with the passing forms of all the things we have loved. the logic and recognition of this end in light of our emotional commitments is the throbbing celebration of our own interconnectedness as we seek to kiss our very own annihilation and therefore render ecstasy that is our lives (the championing of experienced joy with others in the face of the fate that each of us bear). that is to say, from the very beginning, only those who truly possess courage dare to love, dare to revel in life. many of us deny this—we opt for cold hearts of cowardice fearing the potency of a life worth lived. i say this from the lowest of the low, shrouded in words and many masked ethe. from this low place, i look above and i recognize and salute those who have come to know another being with neither words nor devices. that is all.



Updated 04-15-2010

I wish I could have taken my wife to one more game. She loved going to the games. She'd get there early when we could and have her face painted. I don't think she made a single regular season game this year (just one preseason game), but she made a bunch of games last year and the previous years. Some of the hardest days are when there is a good and/or interesting game. I come home from it and keep thinking she'll be there and ask about it. Or even that she's in the hospital and I'll wonder if she's asleep already and if I should call her but I'd end up just driving out there so I could be with her but I don't even get that anymore.


Updated 05-06-2010

Fare thee well, junk. Thanks for making this an amazing JD and more than that, thanks for being great. If you need me for anything, give a holler!

PS The Last comment was by Tom that bastard!!

It would make a good movie

by tominhawaii on May 6, 2010 12:00 AM PDT up reply Star Unrec? 1

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