Blazers Future - Optimist/Pessimist

Take a look at the Blazers roster & think of the future. What side of the fence are you on?



Andre Miller

Optimist: Doesn't rely on his athletiscm to do what he does on the court, one of the NBA's ironmen & has brought a steady hand/veteran influence. Definite upgrade over Blake.

Pessimist: Can't shoot the 3(Neccesary next to Roy), isn't a great defender.

Jerryd Bayless

Optimist: Attacks the rim with aggression that we don't see from any other guards on our team. Improving jumper & defender.

Pessimist: Questionable ability to stay in front of the elite PG's in the NBA. May not have the "PG Mentality" that some think is neccesary next to Roy. Doesn't produce much in terms of steals or rebounds. Questionable basketball IQ.



Brandon Roy

Optimist: Our franchise player. Great scorer/rebounder/passer. Not only has he brought us back from the depths of the lottery but he has put our fanbase in "Why can't we win an NBA Championship too?" mode. Lastly he has shown he is one of the toughest in the NBA by playing on a knee that he had surgery on less then a week later.

Pessimist: N/A - Thanks for an amazing season BRoy ! We all love you #7 

Rudy Fernandez

Optimist: Excellent 3pt shooter, easily marketable, a nice yin to brandons yang at the SG position in terms of tempo & style of play.

Pessimist: Terrible defender, average rebounder & as we all known not very comfortable in his role here in Portland.



Nicolas Batum

Optimist: Excellent defender & shooter. Does not need plays called for him to make an impact. High potential with a high basketball IQ make for a bright future.

Pessimist: Does not look comfortable driving the ball, needs to add more muscle.

Martell Webster

Optimist: Excellent shooting stroke & still can get up pretty high, still very young, saw a dramatic increase in effort on the defensive/rebounding end this year.

Pessimist: History of injuries, looks uncomfortable putting the rock on the ground - Will he be ok with playing less minutes if Batum's play demands more?



LaMarcus Aldridge

Optimist: Excellent shooter at the PF spot, streches the floor, arguably would look like an allstar if he had a dominant center on the inside.

Pessimist: ... Soft - Doesn't make the most of his physical abilities - Doesn't rebound or defend like he is capable of doing. Having him as our #2 on the team may not lead to a championship.

Juwan Howard

Optimist: Found the fountain of youth, always willing to get physical with opponents trying to get tough with the Blazers. Veteran presence, loves portland & low salary.

Pessimist: Old?

Dante Cunningham

Optimist: A young Udonis Haslem, takes good shots within the offense, low salary.

Pessimist: A PF/SF tweener, not sure if he can defend a position in the NBA.

Jeff Pendergraph

Optimist: Very tough, doesn't take bad shots, a big body, low salary.

Pessimist: Limited upside?



Marcus Camby

Optimist: Loves the Blazers. Excellent weak side defender & rebounder.

Pessimist: A little old, not a great inside scorer, history of injuries.

Greg Oden

Optimist: When healthy & on the court he is arguably one of the best big men in the NBA. Excellent defender.

Pessimist: Can't stay healthy & when he is he can't stay on the court. Questionable offensive potential.

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