Another Blowout...

The one single call that really pushed my button was when Steve Nash 10 minutes away from Marcus Camby was given 2 free throws... for..... yea not sure... Marcus got his 4th foul leaving no hope for the Blazers. But being a great Portland Trailblazer fan, I can't blame the refs so here is my take on why we lost this game.

1. I saw no hustle from our bigs... our guards were the only ones that really hustled. This leading to 29 rebounds (portland) vs. 41 rebounds (phx).... Those numbers are huge, and that definitely is a big part of why we lost this game.

2. Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby's foul trouble. Some calls were a bit iffy, but the others were legit. But their foul trouble took out our energy, and the fire in our team's eyes were lost.

3. Channing Frye and Jared Dudley.... Yea... I said it... the two most pointless players in the NBA IMO. But both players just wouldn't miss from the 3 point line. Every time the ball went through the net.... a part of me died...

4. Lamarcus Aldridge had 2 rebounds... yea, 2 rebounds.... wait did I just say 2 rebounds? Even Bayless got more rebounds. That is unacceptable. If one of our bigs gets that little rebounds we just don't deserve the win.

Conclusion: The blazers started the game as if they were gonna dominate the ball game, but Phoenix caught on fire, and really stole the fire from the blazers. I expect the blazers to bounce back in game 6, forcing a game 7. I won't be going to game 6, but as rip city we really need REALLY NEED to show passion this game. It may be the last game of the season, so lets really pour out our hearts to give back how much our team has worked for us. 

Let me remind you of some of the highlights this season.

The signing of Andre Miller, Nicholas Batum, Rudy Fernandez, Patty Mills, and Jeff Pendegraph starting the season injured. Greg Oden goes down, and couple games later Joel Przybilla goes down. Signing Marcus Camby, seeing huge games from Jerryd Bayless, and Nicholas Batum. Through all the pain this season we were still able to get 50 wins. I can't be any happier with this team for dealing with adversity. 


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