Two fouls and your out!

I could barely watch the debacle last night so I spent some time toggling between the Thunder/Laker game and the massacre at the Rose Garden. I could not help but notice that when LaMarcus got 2 fouls out he went. Also, just as the Blazers seemed to be fighting back a bit with about 2 minutes left in the first quarter, Nate pulled Andre out. Andre seemed to be pleading, "I am Ok, leave me in!" My wife then screamed, "he does that all the time, is he so stuck to a game plan that he cannot leave Andre in?"

Moving back to the Thunder game and somewhat later in their action, maybe 3rd period or so, I saw Kobe get his 3rd foul call. Did Phil Jackson even blink? no, he left his most active player on the floor fouls be damned, he was going to try and win this thing. As it turned out, home cooking prevailed and the Thunder won anyway. A note here, I am not a Laker lover but you have to ask yourself how it is that Kobe did not once get to the line?

Anyway, I digress, back to the Blazers. My point in all this is: What are we saving our "fatted calves" for in pulling these guys with 2 fouls? I would rather see LaMarcus get pissed and foul out or Andre foul out early than that pathetic display that was yesterdays game 3.

To their credit the guys woke up a bit and fought Phoenix in the second half, but alas, too little too late!

Nate insists that we were too emotional. Too Emotional? Really? I (just one fan talking) would like to cultivate some emotion for game 4. That emotion is Anger!

Lets get a little angry out there , like we did in the second half. Lets risk fouling out! Show some spine and don't go wimpering off the playoff stage looking bewildered (like last year).

a few ideas now for Nate:

Put Jeff P in on Amare.

Switch up the D. Man up until you need to zone.

Adjust to the game conditions.

Leave a player in who is showing some fight, don't pull him because of fouls! (read: Andre)

experiment a little. What have you got to loose?

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