The Inevitable Roster Post Now that Camby Is Resigned

Don't get me wrong here. I'm all about what this team is doing in the here and now. But the Camby extension absolutely begs the question of what the team will look like next year. Now that we have answered a big question mark in our front court, what is left to be done? As it's currently composed, the team is likely to look like this:


Are you comfortable with that bench going forward? Is Bayless a PG? Do we need better backup PG play in the future? Can Rudy get his act together, or will he continue to pout? Is Webster okay as a long-term backup? The biggest question marks remaining are clearly at the 1, 2, and 3 as far as the bench is concerned. I look around the league and wish we could get a guy like Jamal Crawford who could sub in and just tear it up--someone we could depend on for scoring night in and night out.

We've got some trade pieces, and we'll have the mid-level exception (but no guarantee the team will use it). As I look around the league, here are a few players who intrigue me, and who also seem attainable:

-Ray Allen: Last year of his contract, and Boston seems likely to blow it up. Another veteran presence, and has played well for Nate before.
-JJ Barea: Dallas can match an offer, but will they? He's small, but he displays some of the moxie I sometimes think this team lacks.
-Raja Bell: Defensive stopper off the bench. Enough offense left? Could be a solid glue guy.
-CJ Watson: Not sure about his contract situation, but GS has too many guards and this guy could be expendable for them. Could he be that Jamal Crawford type player for us? Seems to play several positions.
-Kyle Lowry: Could be a perfect fit as a backup, but Houston will likely match any reasonable offer, and I don't know that we want to make an unreasonable offer.
-Earl Watson: Killed the Blazers for years. Probably not who we want, but could provide solid play at the backup PG.
-Rasual Butler: Another guy who kills us when we play. Could be a solid pickup if we trade Rudy/Bayless/Webster for a player.
-Steve Blake: I wouldn't be surprised in the least.
-Mike Conley: Still an option to reunite him with Greg, and still a viable future starter IMO.
-Darren Collison: Best case scenario IMO, but not sure how to pry him frim NO. They need immediate salary relief, and other teams are in a much better position to provide it than we.
-Sergio Rodriguez: Just kidding.
-Shaun Livingston: Hmmm. Intriguing. Gave him a pretty serious look awhile back. Can play several positions, but possible great as a backup PG. Wouldn't exactly ease the team's injury concerns.
-Randy Foye: Washington could cut him loose to increase cap space.
-JJ Redick: Could be had for the full mid-level.

Who looks like a good fit? How would you get him? Who did I miss? Going forward, who do you think the Blazers need to add to complete the puzzle?

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