Time to Think Big...For the Future-Camby, Joel, Greg and Andre

It is time that we put some things down...

Number 1

Resign Marcus Camby this offseason. With Joel out now deep into next season maybe all of next season, we need another big man who competes...I cant even start to describe and appreciate what Marcus Camby brings to our team. The guy is a force, a leader, a veteran presence, a role model, and could become an amazing bargaining chip in the near future.

Hear me out on this one...

We have to assume a couple things

1. Joel will be more or less useless this season

2. Greg cannot be fully counted on to provide a stable presence at Center.


Ok, now...we look at contract situations for the trade deadline next season.

Since Joel obviously will be taking his player option this offseason, he will have about $14 million coming off the books at the end of next year...also bear in mind that insurance will be kicking in early next season to cover I believe about 2/3 of his total salary. Joel will become the super Raef contract and assuming we will not want to pay the kind of money he could command (also assuming he makes a decent recovery and has value to other teams in the offseason) we would rather trade him for players who could help us get over the top. rather than just having him walk at the end of the year and we gain nothing.

Andre with his team option will be a $7 million (potentially) expiring contract at the end of next year. If we do not choose to take his option he would be a valuable trade asset at the deadline (big "if" on that based on what we have seen this year, but still the option is there).

If we are to resign Camby, since he is 36 years old, i cant see a team giving him more than a 2 year deal and most will be looking for a little more than that out of a rather large free agent acquisition. So my opinion on this deal would be to offer a similar "andre" type deal to Camby...But if we can get a 2 year $7 million per year deal with the second year being a team option we could then use his contract the same what we would use Andre's at the deadline. Plus we Blazer fans need to remember that Camby has had injury issues every year of his career with the exception of this year...its something to be thinking about in the back of our heads...especially when contract talks pop up.

worst case senario from this type of contract with Camby would be that we package him up with Joel and Andre and send $28 million off the books and potentially land one or even two max type players.

other case we choose to keep Andre and Camby through the following season and then they walk in free agency, we then clear $14 million.

With Greg now things get a little more complicated. What are we going to be getting back? Will he be able to sustain relative injury free play? I know that we need to keep him for now...hes our #1 pick from 3 years ago and if we lose him for nothing that would be an ultimate fail! But here comes the tricky part...what type of contract do we give him? he will be in his final year of the rookie contract after next season and will be a restricted free agent. What happens if we dont negotiate a new deal this summer and after next year he shows some stability and more promise, and he rolls into free agency without a deal hoping to test the market? I will tell you what happens. Remember Millsap...Yeah, but the other way around and not as nice!

Thats right someone is going to offer Greg a "toxic" contract perhaps in the realm of MAX salary...then we are really stuck. not only will our number 1 pick be unproven with the sky being the limit with the injury bug as the major x factor, but we could lose him for nothing or resign him on a HUGE, HUGE "IF".

So we have to work out a deal with him this summer and it has to be reasonable. I love Greg, he is the beast of beasts...but i have doubts just like any other sane fan. What kind of deal can we offer this guy? it has to be something like $3 million per 3 years with incentive based raises, right? if he plays in 20 games he gets another million, if he plays in 40 another million, if he plays in 70+ an extra 2 million...that is about the only safe way to play this. However he may be unhappy with that and we have to be aware of the potential of losing him the following year or dramatically overpaying for a shot in the dark. Tough spot. 


I would like some feedback from you guys and gals about what you think about my perceived plans on these players and potential future moves. Because really we need to make some things happen and we have every opportunity to put ourselves in excellent position for the future as soon as next trade deadline.

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