Wow what a ride.....

This season is officially over and on to the playoffs!! Awsome, but i think it is important to stop and reflect on the rollercoaster ride that was this 09-10 regular season. 50-32, wow......Great job to our team!!! I am so proud of this team's heart and overall grit they have shown this year it gives me goosebumps, top 5 all time seasons of my life personally.....Right there with the three year Drexler run's and the Sabas/ Pippen run.

This is old hat at this point but i am going over it anyways.......but lets think back to training camp........we are hyped like mad, some say we should challenge the L*kers with our team as assembled. Nic is announced as injured and out for a long while, Bummer. The season opens and i personally cant understand why Blake is starting over 'Dre and that drama ensues. Ohh by the way Trout goes down for a LONG period of time also, Bummer again. Martell time to step up buddy! We still have our core and we are mostly healthy, my thought is the Blake- 'Dre drama will squash itself quickly......boy was i wrong.

As the starting PG drama continues our guys start dropping like fly's, first Nic and Trout are out long term(Patty Mills also) then Greg goes down, then Joel, and i want to puke. Where did our season go? Why Basketball gods? Why?!?!? But wait, we still have our heads above water? Really? This cant last can it? Surely we wont be a playoff team now some say, this year is done, we cant succeed now.......i understood this point of view, i hoped it was un true but it was absolutely within the realm of possability. Then Rudy goes down, at one point to me personally it seemed like we are the walking wounded through and through. Juwan Howard is quoted as saying that in his entire career he has never seen and injury riddled team like this team, that my friends is saying something.

Through it all there are bright spots, lemme start with Juwan  Howard. Where would we be without that guy? If i had a vote for team MVP this year thats not named Roy, its howard. He straight held it down, gave us more than we could have ever hoped for and still gives us quality minutes at backup center. I salute you Mr. Howard! Miller also was coming on strong, i remember reading the Philly blog(i forget there name sorry) when we signed Miller and they were saying how he comes out slow to start the year but pours it on later basically. This is precisely what happened, think about the player in november versus the player in april....two different level PGs. I get it now Nate.

All along this wasnt enough, there was a glaring hole up front. It was plain as day, something had to be done, that something came in the form of a Trout, Blake for Camby trade. K.P. for all you have done, Thank you!! You are MY G.M. now and for all time......KEEP K.P.!!!.......moving on.......With Camby on board we have our center, our back stop, our safety net, and boy what a safety net huh? I am such a fan of this guy, all three of our vets are priceless. Camby though has changed the outlook of our season, no other Vet has done that, not even Miller. Right now i ask you to forget age, name and reputation and purely look at stats, if i told you i could aquire a center who has 1132 rebs 193 blks 121 stls this year for a back up PG and SF would you say "dont make that trade?" i think the answer is no. K.P. made a masterfull trade.

So the trade is made, Welcome Mar-cus Cam-by!! However the Basketball injury gods strike again, ugh Roy is down with a Hammy injury, Really? Serioulsy? when does it stop? But the teams keeps winning, against all odds we keep pace with all other playoffs teams save the L*kers, unbelievable. Roy rests' the Hammy and comes back though not in true Roy form but enough to help the team. We win some we lose less than we win and then comes the Blazers Lakers game on ABC, we are poised to move up the standings with a W but as we all know Roy goes down, torn all i can say about that.

So here we are, wow what a ride. I hope for a playoff series win, we got Phoenix and we match up decently even without Roy against them. With Roy we take this series imo, without 50/50 if not worse for us. Bottom line is.......this year has been a rousing success. If we lose in the first round this year goes down as a year that forges players into champions due to the experience gained. if we win we get the same as if we lose but much more experience which helps us in our future playoff runs. I salute this years team, no other group of players could have done a better job this year than this group, that is a bold statement for me but NO OTHER blazer team imo could have done better than this team.

What a ride guys! TYVM for the memories,


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