Rudy Fernandez Song -- Birthday Present to Rudy!

Hello fellow Blazer fans! 

As many of you know, Rudy seems to be feeling somewhat homesick and lonely here in America (evidenced by his translated blog entry--thanks anen87!). We need to remind him just how much the city of Portland loves him! And give him the best possible birthday present that a fanbase can give a European player! 

Enter the Rudy Fernandez Project. 

The Rudy Fernandez Project currently has one simple goal: to promote and popularize our Rudy Fernandez Song, and get as many Blazer fans as possible to learn and sing it. The song was created by myself and a fellow Blazer fanatic who lives in LA, with the goal of showing Rudy how much we love him in a way that reminds him of home. Rudy has already said that he feels like a soccer star over here in the NBA, because the Rose Garden crowd shows him so much love. Why not take it one step further? Why not sing him a song, just like every European soccer club does? Rudy would absolutely LOVE it, and it could not come at a better time. 

(EDIT: Check out the link posted by pdx87--the Fernando Torres song that inspired us:

Our end goal is to have the lyrics to our song displayed on the Jumbotron at the Rose Garden in a sing-along fashion, hopefully this season (possibly in the playoffs). Ideally, we would sing it after Rudy hits a three or has a sick dunk that makes the other team call a timeout, to keep the crowd and players energized. If there is any arena where this could happen, it is the Rose Garden. And if there is any fanbase who could pioneer singing songs to their star players, it's the TRAIL BLAZERS FANS! 

So please, visit our site, watch the video, learn the words, and sing the song with your friends! It's really quite catchy, and it's a blast to sing during games and after big wins. 



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Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions for how to promote the song or get the Rose Garden to take notice, we would love to hear them. If we get enough support, we hope to get some shirts made with the lyrics on the back (and possibly a sponsor ad on the back, so they are as cheap as possible), and something like this on the front:

It should be painfully obvious that I am no graphic designer, and that is just a rough idea, but you see what we're getting at. If anyone more experienced with graphic design, or with the marketing aspect of the project, wants to help out, that would be great. In fact, if anyone wants to help out in any way, we would appreciate it. Contact us at 


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