Sched Ahead Daily Update, Games of 3/21 -- added table

That was too bad, but some other games were good.

I am not tracking New Orleans now.  I did a new table comparing the four teams most likely to contend for the 2-4 seeds.

Yesterday's Update

Last Weekly Update

An interesting site that jnewhouse posted in a comment.


  1. Portland @ Phoenix.  I liked our defense, and we will win some playoff games if we defend well and can make any shots.  If Brandon Roy had made any shots in the first half, we might have won easily. 
  2. Houston @ N.Y.  Houston almost lost, lucky for them N.Y. is bad.  K Martin 28 pts, 7 to, C Budinger 18 pts, C Lowry 18 pts, A Brooks 16 pts (7 straight to put Houston in the lead in the last two minutes).  D Lee 27 pts 20 rbs 6 asts, D Gallinari 26 pts, T Douglas 26 pts (6-10 3pt), T McGrady 15 pts 7 rbs 5 asts.
  3. OKC @ Indiana.  Terrible for OKC, they were more than 30 pts behind.  D Granger 32 pts 7 rbs, T Murphy 22 pts 13 rbs, R Hibbert 20 pts 8 rbs.  J Green 20 pts, K Durant 16 pts (4-16 FG) 5 to, E Maynor 15 pts 11 asts 5 to, S Ibaka 10 pts 12 rbs.  R Westbrook 0 pts (0-4 FG) 17 minutes.
  4. S.A. @ Atlanta.  Atlanta wins in overtime.  M Williams 26 pts 9 rbs, A Horford 22 pts 18 rbs, J Johnson 22 pts 20 asts, J Crawford 19 pts 5 rbs, 5 asts.  M Ginobili 38 pts 6 asts, T Duncan 29 pts 13 rbs, R Jefferson 12 pts 8 rbs. 
  5. Washington @ L.A.  L@kers blowout in the first half, easy win.  P Gasol 28 pts 12 rbs, K Bryant 24 pts, R Artest 16 pts, L Odom 4 pts 13 rbs 6 asts 4 st 3 bl.  N Young 22 pts, A Thornton 18 pts, A Blatche 16 pts 12 rbs 5 asts.  

Chasing Pack Game by Game Table -- Remaining Games

Sorted by difficulty, with road games against elite teams (top four in each conference) grouped together, then road games against playoff contenders, then home games against elites, home games against contenders, and road and home games against bottom feeders.  Second of back to back games in italics, opponents on the second of a back to back in bold, both teams on a back to back in both bold and italics.  The more games in the top part of the table, the tougher the schedule, the more white space up high the easier the schedule.

Portland Houston Memphis
at Denver at Boston at Orlando
at L@kers at Dallas
at Denver
----- ----- -----
at New Orleans at Chicago at Milwaukee
at OKC at OKC at San Antonio
at San Antonio at Oklahoma City
at Memphis
at Phoenix
----- ----- -----
vs Dallas vs L@kers vs Dallas
vs Dallas vs Utah
----- ----- -----
vs Oklahoma City vs Charlotte vs New Orleans
vs New Orleans vs Houston
----- ----- -----
at Sacramento at Indiana at Sacramento
at Clippers at Sacramento at Golden State
----- ----- -----
vs New York vs Clippers vs Philadelphia
vs Golden State vs Washington

Teams Just Ahead Game by Game Table -- Remaining Games 


Portland San Antonio Oklahoma City Phoenix Utah
at Denver at Boston @ Boston at Utah at L@kers
at L@kers at L@kers @ Dallas
at Denver @ Utah
at Dallas
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
at New Orleans at Oklahoma City @ Portland at Chicago at Toronto
at Oklahoma City at Phoenix at OKC at Houston
at Milwaukee at New Orleans
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
vs Dallas vs LA Lakers vs Denver vs Denver vs Boston
vs Dallas vs Cleveland vs LA Lakers
vs Orlando
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
vs Oklahoma City vs Memphis vs Phoenix vs San Antonio vs Oklahoma City
vs Houston vs Memphis vs Houston vs Phoenix
vs San Antonio
vs Houston
vs Portland
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
at Sacramento @ Sacramento @ Golden State @ Golden State at Indiana
at Clippers @ New Jersey @ Philadelphia @ New Jersey at Washington
@ Detroit at Golden State
@ Minnesota
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
vs New York Minnesota vs Minnesota vs New York vs New York
vs Golden State vs Golden State

The Battle for Top Seeds Game by Game Table -- Remaining Games 

 If OKC has a good week, I will include them in this table.


Dallas Denver Utah Phoenix
at Boston at L@kers at Utah
at Orlando
at Dallas
----- ----- ----- -----
at New Orleans at Toronto at Toronto at Chicago
at Portland at Oklahoma City at Houston at OKC
at Memphis at Phoenix at New Orleans at Milwaukee
at Portland
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Denver vs L@kers vs Boston vs Denver
vs Orlando
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Oklahoma City vs Portland vs Oklahoma City vs San Antonio
vs Memphis vs San Antonio vs Phoenix vs Houston
vs San Antonio vs Memphis
----- ----- ----- -----
at Golden State at New York at Indiana @ Golden State
at Sacramento at Washington @ New Jersey
at Clippers at Golden State @ Detroit
@ Minnesota
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Clippers vs Clippers vs New York vs New York
vs Golden State


  1. L.A.  60.2 wins.   
  2. Dallas.  54.9 wins. 
  3. Denver.  54.2 wins.
  4. Utah.  53.0 wins.
  5. Phoenix.  51.3 wins (up from 50.8 in 6th).  
  6. OKC.  49.9 wins (down from 51.0 in 5th).
  7. Portland.  48.6 wins (down from 49.1).
  8. S.A.  47.9 wins (down from 48.3).
  9. Houston.  43.4 wins (up from 43.0).
  10. Memphis.  42.8 wins.

Toronto wins to get back to .500.  Recategorisations caused minor changes (< 0.3 wins) in the projections.


  1. Dallas @ N.O.  Cat 3 "Banana Peel" for Dallas.
  2. Houston @ Chicago.  Back to Back Cat 3 "Banana Peel" for Houston.
  3. S.A. @ OKC.  Back to back Cat 4 "Rocky Road" for S.A., back to back Cat 2 "Jawbreaker" for OKC.  OKC will play much better tonight, and S.A. will be tired after overtime, but S.A. has been very good.
  4. Boston @ Utah.  Cat 2 "Jawbreaker" for Utah. 
  5. Memphis @ Sacramento.  Cat 3 "Banana Peel" for Memphis, back to back for Sacramento.
  6. Phoenix @ G.S.  Back to back Cat 3 "Banana Peel" for Phoenix.

With D Rose back, Houston may have a tough game in Chicago.  S.A. and OKC both lost last night.  One will lose again tonight.  Phoenix and Utah both could lose, if they are unlucky.  

T Penn, K Pritchard, L Miller

Why do people think it is ok to say bad things about people when they don't know what has happened, or when the people who tell them bad things want to stay secret? 

  • If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. 
  • If you really have to say something that isn't nice, man up and say it to the person, don't whisper around behind their back. 
  • If someone gossips about someone, and says not to say who told, don't believe them and don't repeat it.  If they want to be secret, they might be lying, or maybe can't prove it.  If you repeat what they said, you might end up saying something not true.

Are the rules different because it is basketball?  I don't think so.

I think A Wojnarowski, D Jaynes, and some of the people they talk to must be not very nice people sometimes.  Some people are saying bad things about Mr Penn, or about Mr Pritchard, or about Mr Miller, or the Vulcans whoever they are, and no one has any proof of any of it except that someone whispered something secretly. 

Mum said I could post this last part.  I hope it is ok, even though it isn't about basketball or the schedule.  Father wasn't sure it was such a good idea for me to do these updates at all, but he said I could do it if I wanted and I didn't spend too much time.   This one took a lot longer, but Mum said it would be ok this once. 

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