China fans' reaction to Big Events of this season

Since I decided to establish myself as the ambassador for china fans, I am going to keep the hard working as long as you guys enjoy it. (This one is quick because I need to reset the tone, my introducing post just seems too negative, not my style)



First, bear in mind, blazers is not popular in China, I would say, not popular at all in China. When you open up the website of official nba in mandarin, take a deep breath because 1/2 space is taken by rockets, l*kers and Lebron (ye, not Cav, Lebron). The other 1/2 is equally distributed to other teams. Those with big names like Chris Paul, Melo, D-Wade would benefit more. Another example: the number of kobe’s fans vs. the number of roy’s fans is like 60:1 ( reality hurts). In our defense, we don’t have a home team to root for. No emotion of pride or desire of glory for hometown get involved. The procedure for us is watching a game, falling in love with the flashy superstar, watching more games of him then deciding to root for his team or the opponents. In blazers’ case, few games be seen + not flashy play style of roy+ no big names in the young roaster+ less percentage chance of being champion=no fans in china. (Don’t feel pissed by assuming L*kers’ overwhelming control. Equally numbered rockets fans are pain in the ass for l*kers’ fans. Rockets is our home team for God’s sake. So feel cheer up a little bit?)


Then the topic: china fans’ reaction to those big events during this season (PS: I don’t represent all china fans. I would say the point of mainstream)


1 Signing Andre: wait and see. But in a mood more like waiting for the opportunity to shout “haha, I told you it wont work”. Our announcers just say that roy is a playmaker who initiates the team’s offence, like T-mac type of player. In those teams’ system, the spot of PG is a decoration, who plays the supplementary role to the initiator. Like roy plays offense then he plays defense, roy wants to dribble then he catches and shoots, roy looses the dribble then he picks the ball up before out bounds(I add this one just for fun). (and to be clear, our announcers did not judge the deal by far) Some fans are supporting miller. But you can see most of them are not Andre’s fans but Oden’s who believe that miller is more willing to pass the ball to Oden than anyone else on the roaster( especially roy, we had a big fight on this one)


2 Roy’s all star voting: we are so excited earlier this season. We thought roy would be voted in by rockets fans because his brilliant performance in that series.(believe me, rockets’ fans are powerful in china) However, the result is……ugh. We sneaked in rockets’ fan base and found out that rockets’ fans split into two groups considering roy. The first group is desperately calling for him to join in. They admire him, praise him and call for Mo Lei’s head because of his inability to draft roy in 2006. When Brandon signed that extension, they are done and not have passion left to vote for him. The second group hates his guts for disappointing Yao Ming. Yao’s shot with 1.9 seconds left is his once in a lifetime glory which was taken away by Brandon in the most ridiculous way. Rockets is their home team and Yao is their hero. So no deal…(for comforting you, when Brandon shot them out again on December 6th this season, they made a pool “ which is our most hated player, Deron or roy? Deron 85.9% Roy 14.1%)


3 The whole Greg naked thing: you will get “hey, see the positive side, Oden is much more popular now, where are those ‘fans’ before”, “ it is America for god’s sake” (no offense, just you know, aware of different culture. if it’s inappropriate, tell me, I will edit). “just a youthful mistake. Everybody makes when they are young, not this type of mistake for sure) In the end, fans are ashamed of talking about it and want to forget it as soon as possible. No harm done.


4 The trade : we are sad, I mean, deeply sad. No pointing fingers, few rational analysis. As I said, we root for the team based on our crush on individual player and compliment of team’s attitude. So its like sending away family member in exchange of what, cash, glory... One of us wrote a beautiful and heartwrecking poem on the trade and it made everyone cry. I cannot translate a poem accurately, one sentence is like this “ they (steve and travis) worked their ass off to  accomplish the dream of playoff for beloved team and fans. Ironically, the trip to the dream land earned them a ticket out of beloved home”. And he is evil enough to attach a picture that roy, travis and steve huddled to celebrate the win over Grizzly thanks to travis’ last shot which initiated the 13 game winning streak. So you can imagine how broken our heart is. Besides sadness, we are pissed. In our way of thinking, roy as a leader should have a say in those issues. We are in shock and calling for KP’s head with regard to his ignorance of roy’s feeling.



5 The tragedy of injury : “god, please”, “are you kidding me”, “can I get hurt instead of them”. We are good fans, fans with heart. I would say we are great fans. Life would be much easier for us if we root for lakers(be proud of winning)or the rockets(having so many companion). When roy claimed that he possibly would end his season after that celtic game, our fan base was dead, deadly dead. We cannot find one to write the preview and recap as usual (I mentioned before. The sites are totally run by fans, no obligation involved.)


6 Playoff chance: we don’t care. We care about championship (I should say we refuse to lose. I don’t think china fans have the same definition or understanding like you regarding to championship)but we care about the players more. We want the players to stay healthy and have fun. Most of us do wish the team stays in the eight seed and gives headache to l*kers. But if you ask for faith in beating them, it is better I don’t tell you how much in us.


Ok, hope you like it. Have a nice day. Next chapter “ Nicknames of each blazers in china”. It would be fun, I promise.


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