Sched Ahead Daily Update, Games of 3/12

That was good.  We'll make the playoffs.

Yesterday's Update

Last Weekly Update


  1. Portland @ Sacramento.  Best moment -- P Westphal telling the referee, "You guys are worse than we are."
  2. Denver @ N.O.  Even most of game, Denver pulls away to win.  C Anthony 32 pts 12 rbs, C Billups 21 pts 7 asts 4 steals, N Hilario 17 pts 12 rbs, J Petro 10 pts 10 rbs.  Hall of Shame:  J Smith 1-12, 0-6 3pt, 1-2 FTs, 3 pts.  D West 30 pts, M Thornton 23 pts, D Collison 17 pts 10 rbs. 
  3. S.A. @ Minnesota.  S.A. wins easily.  R Jefferson 19 pts 9 rbs, G Hill 19 pts 8 asts, T Duncan 15 pts 8 rbs.  W Ellington 17 pts, A Jefferson 13 pts 9 rbs.  A progression of Minnesota shooting stars:  R Gomes 2-9, J Flynn 2-8, C Brewer 2-7, D Wilkins 2-6.
  4. N.J. @ OKC.  Disappointing, OKC wins by 2.  K Durant 32 pts 12 rbs, J Green 27 pts, R Westbrook 11 pts 10 asts 9 to.  D Harris 19 pts 8 asts 5 rbs, J Hayes 16 pts, K Dooling 15 pts (4-5 FG, 2-2 3pt, 5-5 FT) 7 asts, B Lopez 14 pts 8 rbs.
  5. N.Y. @ Memphis.  Memphis wins.  N.Y. made it look close at the end.  Z Randolph 24 pts 9 rbs, O Mayo 22 pts, R Gay 20 pts, M Conley 18 pts, 5 rbs, 6 asts.  B Walker 21 pts, T Douglas 19 pts, D Lee 17 pts 13 rbs.
  6. Utah @ Milwaukee.  Milwaukee takes control and wins.  C Boozer 26 pts 14 rbs, M Okur 20 pts 11 rbs, C Miles 17 pts, D Williams 11 pts 9 asts 3-12 shooting.  Utah 0-10 on 3 pt shots.  J Salmons 24 pts, B Jennings 23 pts, A Bogut 16 pts 12 rbs 4 bl.
  7. L.A. @ Phoenix.  L.A. wins, Phoenix loses ground.  K Bryant 21 pts 10 rbs 8 asts, A Bynum 18 pts 9 rbs, 15 pts for P Gasol, R Artest, D Fisher.  A Stoudemire 29 pts 16 rbs, J Richardson 16 pts, S Nash 14 pts 8 asts.  C Frye suspended.

Chasing Pack Game by Game Table -- Remaining Games

Sorted by difficulty, with road games against elite teams (top four in each conference) grouped together, then road games against playoff contenders, then home games against elites, home games against contenders, and road and home games against bottom feeders.  Second of back to back games in italics, opponents on the second of a back to back in bold, both teams on a back to back in both bold and italics.  The more games in the top part of the table, the tougher the schedule, the more white space up high the easier the schedule.

Portland Houston New Orleans Memphis
at Denver at Boston at Denver at Orlando
at L@kers at Utah at Dallas
at Denver
----- ----- ----- -----
at New Orleans at Chicago at Phoenix at Houston
at OKC at OKC at Memphis at Milwaukee
at Phoenix at San Antonio at Houston at San Antonio
at Memphis at Oklahoma City
at Phoenix
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Dallas vs Boston vs Dallas vs Denver
vs Dallas vs L@kers vs Cleveland vs Dallas
vs Utah vs L@kers
vs Denver vs Utah
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Toronto vs Memphis vs Portland vs Chicago
vs Oklahoma City vs Charlotte vs Charlotte vs New Orleans
vs New Orleans vs Houston
----- ----- ----- -----
at Sacramento at NYK at Clippers at Sacramento
at Clippers at Indiana at Golden State at Golden State
at Sacramento at New Jersey
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Washington vs New Jersey vs Washington vs Golden State
vs New York vs Clippers vs Minnesota vs Philadelphia
vs Golden State vs Washington

Teams Just Ahead Game by Game Table -- Remaining Games 

Portland San Antonio Oklahoma City Phoenix
at Denver at Orlando @ Boston at Utah
at L@kers at Atlanta @ Dallas
at Boston @ Utah
at L@kers
at Denver
at Dallas
----- ----- ----- -----
at New Orleans at Miami @ Portland at Chicago
at Oklahoma City at Oklahoma City @ Charlotte at OKC
at Phoenix at Phoenix @ Toronto at Milwaukee
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Dallas vs LA Lakers vs Denver vs Utah
vs Dallas vs Cleveland vs LA Lakers vs Denver
vs Orlando vs Utah
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Toronto vs Memphis vs Phoenix vs New Orleans
vs Oklahoma City vs Houston vs Memphis vs Portland
vs San Antonio vs San Antonio
vs Houston vs Houston
vs Portland
----- ----- ----- -----
at Sacramento @ Sacramento @ Golden State @ Golden State
at Clippers @ New Jersey @ Philadelphia @ New Jersey
@ Indiana @ Detroit
@ Minnesota
----- ----- ----- -----
vs Washington Minnesota vs Minnesota vs New York
vs New York Golden State vs Minnesota
vs Golden State LA Clippers


  1. L.A.  59.9 wins (up from 59.2).   
  2. Dallas.  56.4 wins.
  3. Denver.  54.7 wins (up from 54.2).
  4. Utah.  53.0 wins (down from 53.5).
  5. Phoenix.  50.2 wins (down from 50.9).  
  6. OKC.  50.0 wins (up from 49.8).
  7. Portland.  48.4 wins (up from 47.9).
  8. S.A.  47.6 wins (up from 47.3).
  9. Memphis.  43.4 wins (up from 43.1).
  10. Houston.  42.0 wins.
  11. N.O.  39.6 wins (down from 40.4).

N.O. is not in good odour right now.  Should I leave them in, or take them out?  My father told me before he went in how to change the spreadsheet so it is easy to take teams in or out.  I saw him yesterday, but he didn't feel like thinking about it, so he told me to ask here.  They are even worse now than yesterday.


  1. Denver @ Memphis.  Cat 4 "Rocky Road" for Denver, Cat 2 "Jawbreaker" for Memphis.  Back to back for both teams.
  2. N.Y. @ Dallas.  Cat 1 "Cream Puff" for Dallas.  Back to back for N.Y.
  3. N.J. @ Houston.  Cat 1 "Cream Puff" for Houston.  Back to back for N.J.
  4. L.A. Clippers @ S.A.  Cat 1 "Cream Puff" for S.A.  Back to back for both teams.

Every Western contender is playing a team on a back to back.  Three (Denver, Memphis, S.A.) are playing a back to back themselves.

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