Update: -21 against Utah. It Is Time To Sit Brandon Roy


Portland went from a 25 point lead to an overtime loss with Brandon Roy.  Yes, people will say he scored 23 points.  Yes, he scored our first bucket of Overtime.  Still -- right now -- the team is doing worse with him playing in the game.  We were flying on all cylinders tonight after Brandon sat with 2 fouls in the fourth first quarter.  After he came in, the lead slipped and slipped and slipped until it was gone.

Perhaps he can score by getting to the freethrow line, but this is not helping the team play better as a team.  He is hindering the team's ability to play free and easy offense.  I love him to death, but it's tough to watch this team struggle due to his play.  When Brandon is well, he will take over the fourth quarter -- now he stifles the offense because he is getting the ball as though he was uninjured.

It seems obvious to me that the rest of the team needs to man up by playing -- and Brandon needs to man up by sitting down.  While it's obvious to me, I'm not basketball genius.  Is it obvious to anyone else?



After watching him in the Boston game it must be painfully (no pun intended) obvious that Brandon Roy is nowhere near ready to play.  While he is a big part of this team, what is the motivation of the team to NOT rest him?

Was the goal of trading Blake and Outlaw specifically to try to make the playoffs, or to try to advance in the playoffs.  Is the rationale behind Brandon's playtime the desire to make the money off tickets and concessions in that first series, or to get this team to make strides in the playoffs.

In tonight's Celtics game we were utterly unprepared for top tier competition.  It was similar against Oklahoma City and the L*kers.  Brandon is hobbled, and he is extremely ineffective.  If we are going to be getting 9 points/4 boards/1 assist in 34:20, it is time to rest Brandon and get those numbers from anyone of our other resources.

Without Brandon Roy this team hovered at around .500 ball during the regular season, and perhaps its time for Brandon to man up in a way he's not accustomed to -- show that you have faith in your teammates to allow you to rest and heal, and still end up in the playoffs.

The time to reevaluate is done.  If you're going to play nominally with pain and an injury that will not heal without rest, you need to be given a long,long time to rest, let someone else play at least nominally without pain, and hopefully you'll be healthy at the end of the season.

Each day that this farce goes on, the higher the likelyhood of a more serious injury, and the less likely that Bandon is healthy by the playoffs.  Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it's time to bit the bullet and sit Brandon -- no ands ifs or buts -- for at least 5 weeks, probably longer.  No shootarounds, no practices, just rest.

The fate of the regular season rests squarely on the shoulders of the rest of the team since Brandon cannot physically perform, anyway.

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