Let's make a trade that makes us worse! (this year)

This is not a post to say that I would rather sneak into the draft lottery than make the playoffs. I absolutely want to see this team make the playoffs and with a healthy Brandon Roy I think it will happen. Three points to make in this post:

1) It seems that most of the trade suggestions we have seen have had an emphasis of finding a big man that can fill the void resulting from the injuries to our bigs. I, also, had made suggestions to get Haywood, but I don't think we should have gotten in a bidding war with Dallas to get him here, There may be other Centers available that could help us this year. I think those options have been pretty well covered in other FanPosts. I'm not sure we've discussed what moves might be available that do nothing to help us this year, but could be the final piece to a future championship. I think we all agree that the goal is a future championship and not a one-time visit to the WCFs.

2) I think most still believe that the biggest hole on the Blazers roster is starting PG. Many thought we would fill that need through RLEC or with our cap space after last season. We did land a starting PG with the cap space. I doubt any of us would like to think that our window for a championship is limited to the career longevity of Andre. Many would argue the Andre is the wrong fit for this team anyway. People love Blake/Jerryd. People hate Blake/Jerryd. If we make a move at the dealine (and I'm fine if KP decides to stick with the existing team) I'd like to see it be a move that moved us in a direction to answer the question mark at PG. Some may feel the greatest need is somewhere else. Great! Who should be target that takes us to the next level in the future and who might be available?

3) Shrinking the roster a bit this year may actually make us a better team this year. It certainly would clear some minutes to be able to evaluate some players that need to get some run on the court.

Here is a suggestion of what I'd like to see us looking for:


Blazers get: Mark Blount & Ricky Rubio

Minny gets: Steve Blake & Martell Webster

Could Blount actually help us this year? Heaven sakes, let's hope not. This trade almost certainly makes us worse this year. It is still far more likely that Minny would be the team to turn this deal down. We could sweeten the offer including a draft pick and/or one of our Euros (Claver or Freeland might get it done). The Wolves might consider some offer for Rubio as Flynn has been a solid rookie and Sessions has been playing well recently (averaging 11 points and nearly 6 assists) in his last 5 games (8 & 3 for the season). Minnesota might wait for someone willing to give up a high draft pick for this year's draft. Is there going to be teams willing to offer that? I just don't see how Rubio fits into the Timberwolves future. I know there is a lot of hesitation from fans to add a young PG to this team. I don't care about young or old if the guy can play. But Rubio can't shoot!! Neither could Jason Kidd when he came into the league. There is a whole lot to like about Rubio.

What other moves might be out there that thin the roster this year and add a piece for the future? What PGs that fit our window might be available? If you don't like Rubio, who do you like? Is this the type of move we should be looking for?

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