Official No more Canzano post

Like many of you i am not a huge fan of our friend John Canzano over at, mostly i just avoid reading his work overall. Today i could not help myself and read over this gem : 

Please, before continuing, go read that......i know you may not want to and i understand but its relevant to this post.

So his overall gist seems to suggest a few things that i frankly had to just shake my head. Exibit A: Title, Can Brandon Roy and Andre Miller work together? Ok so we have two VERY professional, unselfish, and talented players who have only played together for what, 50 games now? I dare say Dre has never has a sg like Roy and Roy has never had a PG like guess what, it takes time idiot!

Exibit B: First paragraph, Andre Miller goes for 52 points in what goes down as one of the most remarkable individual performances in Trail Blazers history and there can be only one question after.

It's this: Can Miller and Brandon Roy find a way to consistently work together for the remainder of the season?

To retort, only an idiot would be concerned that these two guys can figure it out. Now if it were say Allen Iverson and Monta Ellis(for example) in our backcourt i would be concerned and would say thats a valid concern, but we have Roy and Miller, find me two more proffessional guys.

Exibit C: This one might be my favorite, Roy and Miller have been largely improved the last couple of weeks together, but there are moments in which they look uncomfortable, or out of place, and I think the Blazers season hinges upon their ability to find some symbiosis.

Ok, so you acknowledge they are improving, again IT TAKES TIME DUMMY! Ofcourse there are moments of "looking out of place" So then the brilliance of saying our season depends on Roy and Miller finding cohesion, really? i had thought it hinged on us just freaking staying healthy, but i guess we could lose LMA, Rudy, Bayless, etc and be fine so long as Roy and Miller are in symbiosis. Wow.

There are a few other things in the story i would like to point out but i am gonna let you guys read it and comment on the Gem that was his last story to date. Let me say i am never an advocate of anyone losing there jobs, nor do i think that posting this would have any outcome other than for me to vent about this guy. I can somewhat understand why he keeps his job, it allmost seems like he writes stuff like this JUST to get my kind of reaction, like the Howard Stern of Oregonlive i guess. Shockjock Canzano!

I will keep up my efforts to just avoid this guys work but i felt this story was so out there and left me shaking my head so many times i had to vent a little about it. Gimme your thoughts guys.

P.S. I wanna learn how to do the cool grey box thing!

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