trade questions and input reflecting on possible youth movement



There are a few things I am wondering about.

1) After the lockout will there be a load of free agents we could nab with the money saved with keeping the expiring contracts this season?

2) Considering the problem players in a youth movement are all on expiring or non-guaranteed contracts (Dre, Pryz, Camby) what team is looking for expiring contracts to make a splash in free agency?  (My guess is the nuggets liquidating)

3) Who should we be targeting?  We all have our favorite non-Blazers we want on the team but that doesn't really help.  I don't think Paul is going to last and I don't want Iggy as he can't spread the floor (for instance).  So maybe we need to take a long hard look at the depth charts and wonder what should be done.

(My analysis assuming we are going young)

PG: If we're going young and without veteran tutelage I like where we're at.  I was wowed by Patty's looking for others, tempo modulation, outside shot, and swagger that he brought against the Suns.  I am an unabashed AJ fan, despite his recent struggles, and believe he is what's needed on some nights when Patty would be getting abused by the bigger guards.

SG: If we can't trade Roy then he should come off the bench with Wes starting!   Rudy wants out and his numbers show it  IMO.

SF: Nic has found his grit when we needed him to.  We need a slashing, play-making SF to complement Nico's play.  I believe if Luke gets his head straight he could be the guy, but am wanting someone who can pour on the quicks as well.

PF: We need a dirtworker to complement Aldridge.  I love Dante but he is too small to adequately mix it up and hasn't found his pick and pop qualities improve one bit. 

C:  The cupboard is bare if we capatilize on the fact all three of our Centers could be used as expiring trade bait to improve the teams health and youth.


Patty           AJ

Wesley     Mayo

Batum       Casspi

LMA           Landry

Gasol        Pryz


My trade partner would be the Kings by hook or crook.  I want to pry Casspi and Landry off their hands IF they are a partner looking to hit FA in search of veterans. 

The second trade is only possible if they're wanting picks, cash, and FA cap room.

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