Thoughts on a hypothetical trade from a Bulls Fan: Would the blazers do this?

A bulls fan who wanted to run a trade by you guys just to see how good of an idea it was. Heres a few things to keep in mind, chek all your own personal feelings at the door, this isnt a question of would YOU do this trade, but a question of would YOUR TEAM do this trade. Not only that but can you supply some reason they would or wouldnt, what would make it better or honestly (ill trust you guys to be truly honest) if you think it is fair value, under value, or even over valued. Just to put your mind at ease, I am not some internet agent who is actually representing some team in the nba (or any organized basketball sport) nor do i have personal relations with anyone with any importance in any facet of basketball. I am just a curious bulls fan who had enough time (and boredom...lots of boredom) to think of a trade and question its merits...

The trade:


Keith Bogans

Kurt Thomas

James Johnson

This years 1st Round Pick




Rudy Fernandez

Sean Marks

Elliot Williams


I dont know your players well, aside from rudy, but here is a rundown of the bulls players in the trade


Keith Bogans-currently starting for the bulls, although not really starter worthy. Offensively he is only a spot up shooter, he is efficient in his shooting but more because he isnt much of a scorer. His job on both the bulls and spurs was to spot up and shoot and defend. He isnt a great passer, but isnt selfish by any means either. He is also not a great ball handler. He plays the physical kind of defense, where he bullies and uses his strength as opposed to fast hands or active feet. He is a very solid role player, but just isnt good enough to start. He isnt a problematic personality at all, and is a team player who shows intellegence in learning new systems and playing within that system. He doesnt do anything to hurt your team, but he doesnt do anything to hurt the other team either...just a solid player.


Kurt Thomas-You probably know him due to his reputation, and his reputation comes from...age. He i suppose isnt a bad player, but we have such a nice deep front line that we really dont need him on the floor. Kurt thomas is known as one of the better defending big men who also the ability to hit the mid range shot, and a smart veteran over all.


James Johnson-a tweener and project, but with lots of pottential. Drafted to play pf, he has spent most of this year at sf, and shows a potential to even play sg. He has the height and length of a sf, but is pretty strong and wide like a pf, he has handles and a game more akin to a guard. He has dedication to the game, but like most projects, he tends to have a good moment over shadowed by a bad moment and if given a chance a better moment to overshadow it all. A hard worker and good team mate, its just a question if he has any real role on our team.


Why the bulls do it: We currently have a hole at one big The bulls need a guy who can be a constant threat on the defense from the peremeter....they have that guy in kyle korver who seems like a great fit to start. So why not just start korver over bogans? It seems thibs wants korver on the bench to help bring scoring to that second unit. Also korver isnt the best defender, and the bulls will find themselves in trouble with him starting against bigger or quicker sgs. Thats where rudy comes in. Rudy can spot up and shoot, but more importantly he also covers another big need of the bulls...a guy who can create his own shot. Rudy can also run the floor very well, a plus for a team whos star player is designed to run in the open court but needs a partner.

The bulls give up kurt thomas and james johnson as well. The bulls have a very solid big man rotation, and unless 2 of our big men go down at once....that rotation should survive the entire year which means kurt thomas may never get to play. James johnson is a project that the bulls may not really need or want to afford in the long run. The first rounder is just to sweeten the pot, but you would think with Rudy and the team doing fairly well, that pick will definetly not be a lottery pick. Id imagine next years pick will be even further away from the lottery, so out of the two picks, you guys are getting the better one. Both bogans and james johnson have small contracts, but they are both two year keep that in mind..


Why the Blazers do it: essentially you are only giving up Rudy. You guys really dont use sean marks or williams at all, Clearly you are getting an upgrade in big men, however you might be losing some fire power at the sg spot. The only real reason you do this trade is because it is a great first step to begin a bit of a rebuilding process without actually stripping down the roster. You get two draft picks. You recieve three strong role players for essentially one, and neither is very expensive or very bad at all. The extra year might seem bad, but for a team thats trying to get its bearing straight, that one extra year (totaling about 3 million) might not really be that bad since if you draft the right players with your two first round picks, and if oden suddenly returns healthy you might have a team with a stronger bench. It also ends the Rudy drama which is bound to come up again in the offseason and possibly hurt team perception and chemistry as well. Bogans and kurt thomas both fill a need for your team (an extra sg who is solid on both ends and comes off the bench with no gripes and a big man who might be old but provides defense and leadership) while James johnson is a great project who you can slot in at positions 2-4 depending on the situation.


So what are your thoughts. Please be as detailed in any of your thoughts as possible...thanks

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