A Little Patty Mills Love Drawer

I Love the Trailblazers. I cant help it. And every player that played a decent amount of time with us, enough for me to get to love them, I still feel that way even when they are traded to another team. I cant help that I still like Bayless, Outlaw and Blake(even if he is throwing off the backboard alleyoops to Pau Gasol now). I still like Jermaine Oneal, and the technical foul junkie Rasheed Wallace.

I just cant help it.

I gotta say, I was worried when we traded away our sparkplug guard Bayless and kept Mills. But after watching Mills CHEER! from the bench when he isnt in the game made me love him even before I got to see  him play. In one of our games on TNT, Barkley and Kenny were joking how that little guy on the bench is our biggest fan and cheerleader. Sure enough, even on the most mediocre play, Patty leaps off the bench to wave his warmup or towel around in the air and yell encouragements to the players on the floor. I even noticed this when we were in the midst of our worst losing streak-Patty still cheering on his teammates. He is the first guy out on the floor to greet the players as they come back to a timeout huddle. Hes highfivin and chest bumpin. To me he is by all appearances an awesome teammate.

Patty threw that sweet pass to Joel who then got mugged by Brian Cook. Patty ran over to help Joel up who outweighs him by like 200 pounds. Then kept Joel out of the ensuing skirmish, by hugging him around the waist and attemping to wrestle him away from it.

This kid seems like a naturally nice guy who truly cares for his teammates. I like that.

VS Wash he was great(7pts 6ast).

His last 3 games totaled look like this:

Min- 36

FG- 12-27

3PT- 3-6

Stl- 3

TO- 4

PF- 3

REBs- 1

AST- 9

PTs- 15


Not to shabby. We need to get this guy some more PT!

Anyone agree or disagree or wanna just give Patty a little love?



PS- Im stoaked. For my BDAY(12/1)Just got my first Blazers Jersey. I have a ton of hats, hoodies and tshirts, but no jersey. I just never had the money at the right time to get one. Anyways, I got a Lamarcus Aldridge jersey. Go Blazers!

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