Wes was the steal of the offseason, plus other Blazer FO love

When the Wesley Matthews signing was announced, many thought we overpaid for a player at positions we already had young franchise players.  Early in the season I thought he justified being paid so much.  Now I think it was an absolute steal.  Below I show how much of a steal Wes was along with analyzing the moves we have made since the Camby trade. 

Thanks to Shamsports for the salary information and for win shares.


Basketball Reference

From the Draft Class of 2009, only Blake Griffin is posting a higher WS total than Wesley Matthews.  That makes signing him with the MLE an absolute steal since we did not have the luxury of a high draft choice.  None of the players that are posting a higher WS make less than Wes and his WS/Salary is the highest.  The only players that are close are Lebron James and Raymond Felton.

Win Shares vs Salary (traded, signed extension or as FA, with WS higher than Wesley Matthews)

Wesley Matthews 2.7/5.7M = 0.47

Raymond Felton 3.2/7M =0.46

Lebron James 6.0/14.5 =0.41

Dwayne Wade 5.4/14.2 = 0.38

Richard Jefferson 3.2/8.4 = 0.38

Ray Allen 3.8/10M = 0.38

Chris Bosh 4.9/14.5 = 0.34

Paul Pierce 4.6/13.8m = 0.33

Tyson Chandler 3.8/12.6 =0.30

Dirk Nowitski 4.9/17.3 =0.28

Rudy Gay 3.3/13.6M =0.24

Al Jefferson 3.0/13.0M = 0.23

Amare Stoudamire 3.5/16.5 = 0.21

Below are the WS totals for players traded, obtained, or affected by trades.

Marcus Camby 2.4

Rudy Fernandez 1.5 (WS total of 3 last season, 6 rookie season)

Jerryd Bayless 0.6

Martell Webster 0.3

Steve Blake 0.6

Travis Outlaw 0.7

Patty Mills 0.0

Note that not one of the players that we traded are posting a WS total above 1.  I have no doubt Blake or Outlaw would be posting higher numbers here.  I do not believe there would have been minutes available for Webster.  While Bayless could probably have put up similar numbers, I do not believe Rudy would since Jerryd is not a true PG. 

For the Blazer fan ready to jump off the bridge, relax.  We are in good hands.

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