Do nothing. Let it play itself out.

I don’t see anything wrong with this team that doesn’t have a counter balance. If you try to correct something it will mess up something else. Nothing but brains, and heart can help this team. So let it play. Let them loose and see how they respond. Dont give them an excuse by switching coaches, or making trades from a point of weakness.

Let Nate see whats wrong with his system. Better that he improve as a coach than the alternative. Lets remember Nate has changed things and his changes haven’t worked. The team is averaging more fast break points and points in the paint than it did the last two seasons. They are switching on less picks too. Soo. Things are a lot finer than it may seem. Its not something a sweeping change can correct. It has to be meticulous. Hatd work and time. Maybe Nate cant do it- at least when it comes to fixing the brains in the equation, but one thing is for sure nobody else can in short order. So let them play through it. If they play through it they will be stronger for it or they will lose and you can rebuild with maybe two lotto picks and a new coach. I’m saying they will lose anyway.

As Joanna Newsome puts it The Book of Right-On is right on


In the NBA wins and loses are determined by how well a team follows a system (Right on) and how well they improvise (Right-On). There is no switch for chemistry, effort, thought. Roy isn’t going to change his game in a couple weeks. Aldridge isn’t going to learn how to score deep, and defensive rebound like he has to do without Oden maybe at all but certainly not right away.

Losing teams fail to follow a system and to efficiently improvise.

McMillan’s offense favors controlled improvising which is almost absurd in a way. This is the test it needs though. The weapon that comes out will be sharper so let it burn.



The good news.

The Hornets have fallen to 5th


Lots of PGs in next years draft and most of the teams above Portland are set at that position. Irving and Selby are the only draftable PGs that I could see staying because of the new CBA.

The CBA itself is good news. It ought to ease the burden of max contracts and a strike shorten is great for an unhealthy squad. I’m not for tanking but if there is any chance at missing an entire season and double dipping the lottery I’m for tanking especially if the team is fighting for a 7th and 8th spot. If that’s the case tank. I hate tanking but if tanking equates to having to shut down Roy for a saline meniscus or another injured player then its not really the type of tanking that bothers me.

Freeland has NBA talent… Oh who am I telling we’ve got Sean Marks in the rotation...


Matthews looks legiter and legiter each game. Maybe he could start. Memo to Batum. Put on 12 pounds of muscle and take Cunningham’s minutes.



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