30. Christmas Chokin': The View from Oakland


Timlogo-be_mediumSnips and clips from the Warriors' camp, plus:

  • Haiku Game Review
  • Fried Rice
  • Blazers/Warriors Recap
  • Popcorn Machine
  • The Basketball Jones 2010 Highlight Show




Feels Good!

posted by Badly Browned to Golden State of Mind gameday open thread

Outrebounded by 21 and win!

Feels good oh yea...



Some Player Assessments

posted by skitlets to Golden State of Mind gameday open thread

Udoh played well. A couple solid moves in the paint, good defense and a couple blocks. One boneheaded TO, though not as bad as Carney's double dribble.

Monta Ellis is willing this team to wins. If not wins, he at least keeps us in the game. Too bad Curry had a terrible shooting night. No idea he racked up 11 assists either.

D. Wright with a few great plays to seal the game in the 4th and it's nice to finally see Lee hit his jumpers. If he gets back to his usual rate, I hope to see an improvement in his drives as defenders have to honor his jumper.



Udoh the Beast

posted by Visigoth to RealGM Warriors message board

Third straight game Udoh has gotten steady minutes. Also, coincidentally, third straight game he's gotten 3 blocks.

This guy is going to be a Defensive Player of the Year some day, mark it.


We Did Win

posted by St. Nick to RealGM Warriors message board

First game back for Biedrins and we're going to look crappy like we did before.

We might not get outrebounded by as much, but we're going to have that gaping hole in the middle on defense and offense whenever he's out there.

Watch and see.

BTW, we won guys. Hope it wasn't too painful for you.



Not a Glorious Win, But a Win

posted by Old Rem to RealGM Warriors message board

Well....seems Monta took over. Pretty dominating finish.

Getting outrebounded by a zillion? Not good, and while Udoh did not grab a lot of boards, he still should hve been in there more. He will be a rebounder.

Had Biedrins been playing and 100% it would have been an easier win. GSW would have not been outboarded by as much,if any, and would have had more D inside.

Portland is in pretty bad shape now,so it's not a glorious victory, but considering the weak rebounding and Curry being cold shooting, it took some special stuff to save a W.



The Trail Blazers are Coming to Town

by Joshua Russell, Warriors Court (Bloguin)

* * *

You better go out
Your tickets you gotta buy
You better wear your Monta jersey I'm tellin' you why...
The Trailblazers are Comin' to Town

They're doing scouting reports
And watching video twice
We're going to find out if Brandon Roy is on ice
The Trailblazers are Comin' to Town

They'll hit the jumper if you're sleeping (on D)
They'll crash the offensive glass
LaMarcus Aldridge is a double-double waiting to happen
So the Warriors better watch their ass(es)

Oh, you better go out
Your tickets you gotta buy
You better wear your Ekpe Udoh jersey I'm tellin' you why...
The Trailblazers are Comin' to Town



Monta Ellis' 39 Points Lead Warriors Past Blazers

by Rusty Simmons, San Francisco Chronicle

OK, the M-V-P chants were more than a little silly.

But Monta Ellis had another monstrous game Saturday that could help him make a major leap toward stardom, using the nationally televised game as his personal playground and leading the Warriors to a 109-102 victory over Portland.

Ellis had 39 points on 26 field-goal attempts and seven assists in front of a Santa-hat-wearing crowd of 19,596 at Oracle Arena and anyone who wasn't drunk on basketball after watching four games throughout the day on TV.

He has scored at least 34 points in four of his past five games, and once again had his hands in virtually everything positive the Warriors did. * * *



Ellis' 39 Points Lift Warriors Past Trail Blazers

by Marcus Thompson II, San Jose Mercury News

Finally, the Warriors finished a team off.

Guard Monta Ellis scored 10 of his game-high 39 points in the fourth quarter as the Warriors closed the game with a furious rally. Saturday's 109-102 win over Portland gives the Warriors their first winning streak since Nov. 8 and 10, when they won at Detroit and Toronto.

The Warriors got 21 points, seven rebounds and five assists from David Lee, who played 44 minutes and made 8 of 11 shots. Forward Dorell Wright had 16 points and eight rebounds.

Point guard Stephen Curry returned to action after missing six games with a sprained right ankle. He was limited to 29 minutes, as coach Keith Smart said before the game that he needed to work on his conditioning. It showed in his shooting. Curry was 2 for 15 from the field, including 0 for 5 from 3-point range. But he did post 11 assists. * * *



Recap #29: Portland Trail Blazers 102, Golden State Warriors 109 - Merry Clutchness!

by Atma Brother ONE, Golden State of Mind (SBN)

* * *
Portland Props

I'd like to begin tonight's show by giving some just due to the Blazers. They were without Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and Joel Pryzbilla but you didn't hear any excuses from Coach Nate McMillan or their fans. They play tough and smart and tonight was no exception.

As the ESPN commentators were commentating tonight (commentators commenting- you read my words for these type of insights) it's pretty shocking that Wesley Matthews wasn't drafted. This guy can play. He gets my vote for tonight's Warrior Killer.

Major props to one of my favs from that legendary 1996 NBA Draft class Marcus Camby. Do you realize this 36 year old still manages nearly 11 boards and 2 rejections a game in under 30 minutes? Tonight Camby was solid with 7 points, 13 boards, 2 dimes, 3 blocks, and 1 steal in under 24 minutes of action.

I hate to question Coach Nate, but if Camby plays more tonight, the Warriors don't win. I'd say the dumbest mistake (of many dumb ones) of former New York Knicks GM Scott Layden's stint was trading Marcus Camby and Nene for Antonio McDyess back in 2002. McDyess was/is nice, but he barely even played for the Knicks.

And course I can't give enough props to the Blazers Edge staff and community. Dave, Ben, and crew are real trail blazers. *  *  *


Check back for additional material as it becomes available.


The Bottom Line:

1. Ho ho ho, another home win!

2. Steph Curry was horrible tonight. Monta Ellis and David Lee were big enough ponies to ride for the win though.

3. Our Warriors still aren't back to full strength yet. The jury's still out on them. We'll see.



No essay stuff by me this time around. I posted the "Brandon Roy: The Road to Portland" piece as a separate FanPost so that it would be easier to link up or cite at Wikipedia. Check the sidebar for that when you get a chance, or CLICK THIS LINK.










Christmas lottery

You can't win if you don't play

Or if you miss shots





Here's some twisted Christmas cheer from Santa's helper, Uncle Mike...


Does coldness carry over from the pregame?

MB: "Dante hits his first shot and that's a good sign — he was really struggling with his shot in pregame warmups."

Rice: "He was about 1-for-86 when I was watching him."


Somebody please explain the mandatory TV time out rules to Ricey, please...

Rice: "And I tell you, the time out that Keith Smart called was really the time out that saved the Blazers!"


Warrior fans can be surly...

Rice: "Those guys behind us, I don't know if they're yelling at Nate or us or what..."

MB: "A little too much egg nog..."

Rice: "A little too much Christmas spirits."


Game 30.

Blazers 102 at Warriors 109.

December 25, 2010.

Blazers' record is now 15-15, the Warriors are 11-8.

Your Christmas comfort and joy falls beneath a hail of bullets, baby...

  • Blazers are 14-2 on Christmas day, best in the NBA. Let's make it 15, boyos...
  • It's GAMETIME! Can we have a "Woot!" brothers and sisters?
  • Marcus Camby and Nic Batum both back and starting for Portland.
  • Less than one minute in, we get our first goofy Rice stat: LMA is #3 in offensive rebounds in the NBA for the month of December.
  • Monta Ellis is good at basketball.
  • Two minutes elapsed and two teams had two points each. Then, oh my, #2 Sweet Wesley scored 2...
  • All the sudden, a Warriors game broke out, with the Blazers making five shots in a row to take a 4 point lead.
  • Warriors ran three guys at LMA and left easy pickins for a Nic tip in of the miss from the weak side. Nic's gonna score lots of put-back buckets if he bothers to crash the boards in this new "Triple Team LMA" era.
  • Nic just starting to roll, 6 points scored on 3-for-5 shooting with 2 assists. Coach Spontaneity sends the Frenchman to the bench at the 5 minute mark, apparently according to some prefabricated rotation scheme. Nic glares sideways, really pissed, as he sits down.
  • Warriors were shooting lights out from behind the arc hitting their first 3 bombs.
  • LMA with his first jam at 1:35. "THAT'S WHY HE'S #2 IN THE WHOLE NBA IN JAMS IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!!!" Rice bellows on cue.
  • LMA with a second foul at the 1 minute mark and Sean Marks, Golliver's well-traveled punching bag, enters the game at Center.
  • Monta Ellis holds for the last shot and tries the move he tried to make at the end of the December 18 game in Portland. He gets to the rim nicely but misses the shot.
  • The Royless Blazers are fun to watch.
  • END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: PDX 28, GSW 25. Portland shooting 54% and out rebounding the Warriors 14 to 6.
  • Former Bay Area collegian Patty Mills had to score 25 tickets for this game, mostly for Aussies. No info on whether he has to contribute bickies to their legal defense fund for the inevitable Drunk & Disorderly charges that ensued.
  • Undersized Warriors and undersized Blazers are a pretty even matchup. Before you hold your nose at that comparison, be advised that neither team looks as bad as the World Champs did this afternoon. There are definitely holes in the Warriors' roster, but they're not the worst team in the league either.
  • Rice: "It's the Warriors' type of game, it's kind of a wild game."
  • Nice first stint for Patty Mills, who is starting to look like a semi-sufficient backup PG.
  • Story of the game for the Warriors was their 5-for-9 shooting from downtown as of the 6:00 mark. Portland, by way of contrast, was 0-for-5.
  • Golden State went with a bigger lineup at the end of the quarter in an effort to shut down Portland's rebounding juggernaut. It didn't help. Blazers were up 24-10 at one point.
  • Mismatch of the night: any time the hobbled Steph Curry had to defend a posting Andre Miller.
  • Monta Ellis with a circus shot for his 20, with plenty of time still remaining in the half.
  • I really, really, really don't want want to see any more Brandon Roy Ford commercials this season. Just run unedited Skype video from a car salesman's cell phone — I swear to you it would be more effective as a selling tool.
  • A couple minutes left and for Golden State: 19 assists on 20 makes, 5-for-10 from distance (effectively 75% shooting), 7-for-8 from the FT line. Blazers with a massive rebounding differential. Tie game.
  • Three straight possessions for Portland ended in turnovers. Highly annoying. The fourth trip was close to disaster.
  • Wesley hits the first trey of the half for Portland at the 50 second mark.
  • Monta Ellis is REALLY good at basketball. Ellis hit for 10 straight GSW points, 24 for the half. As he stepped to the line, "MVP" chants rang out from the Warrior faithful. MB cattily chimed in: "Let's make an All Star game before we start talking MVP..."
  • Marcus Camby with 11 rebounds in the first half.
  • HALFTIME SCORE: PDX 57, GSW 56. Matthews with the last 7 points for Portland, including a very nice two-handed jam to take the lead with 3 seconds remaining.
  • Nice balanced scoring for the Blazers at the half: Wesley 11, Andre 10, LMA and Nic 8 each, Camby 7, Dante 6.



  • Third Quarter begins and Portland starts racking up more offensive rebounds. Not much out of it though.
  • The Blazers fail to fight through a pick and the result is an easy David Lee bucket AND ONE when he takes advantage of  Wesley Matthews. I still really, really like David Lee.
  • A 7-0 Warrior run gets Nate up off the bench for a quick time out. This is not starting well. Monta Ellisl is eviscerating Portland tonight.
  • Very good Golden State defense to open the 3rd Quarter. When's the last time you've seen "Golden State" and "defense" in the same sentence in a non-ironic manner?
  • LMA lamarcuses his first FT attempts, adding momentum for the inevitable Urban Dictionary campaign for recognition of the phrase. Go get 'em, tigers...
  • Four minutes elapsed and the Blazers had 3 points to show for it.
  • Blazers started one of their patented second half suck-a-thons and the Warriors opened up a 5 point lead. The Blazer turnover count rose to 12 and Rice came up with not one but two inane stats about how well the Warriors create turnovers.
  • Now it is 6 minutes elapsed and the Blazers had 3 points to show for it. The Warrior lead is 7. This projects to a 6 point quarter, which would, ummmmmm, subcede their season low of 9. If you really want to be bad, Blazers, please don't just suck, suck EPICALLY!!! Mediocrity is lame...
  • Rice compliments Golden State Head Coach Keith Smart for his extreme wisdom in calling a mandatory Warrior time out at the 6 minute mark. D'oh! Seriously, the Blazer announcers have the worst grasp of the NBA's TV time out rules of any broadcasting crew in the league...
  • At 5:41 Matthews finishes AND ONE on a 3-on-2 fast break for his 14. Visions of a record low scoring quarter vanish. Then Nic hits a trey. The dream is dead...
  • Blazers again go under a pick leaving Monta Ellis for an easy trey. Defense? Alien concept...
  • Blazers started running again and the Blazers got the lead down to 1 — Wesley the big wheel with 18 points at the 3:00 mark.
  • Rudy corner 3, Blazer lead, goggles, at the 2:00 mark. Noice!
  • Monta Ellis to the Warrior locker room at the 57 second mark, limping. "Ooooooo," says Rice.
  • The Blazers finished the period on a 12-3 run to take an itty bitty lead.
  • END OF THREE QUARTERS: PDX 80, GSW 78. Blazers outrebounding the Warriors 43 to 20.
  • Steph Curry with a miss to go 2-for-12 to open the period.
  • Patty Mills good with a deep 3. "Patty Mills can shoot that shot!" Ricey exclaims. Well, uh, yes. Yes, he can.
  • Monta Ellis is back after only 1 minute of the 4th Quarter has elapsed, his ankle newly taped.
  • LMA capped by a rookie. He grins sheepishly.
  • Nic Batum tips in another, his third of the night by my count. "That's what you wanted Travis Outlaw to do, he could jump so well," Rice sadly remembers.
  • One thing I like about this game so far: No Luke Babbitt. Just sayin'...
  • This has been a nice even game. Good pace and a quality of basketball that is not too bad if you forgive the Blazers their pathetic first 6 minutes of the 3rd Quarter. LMA has been stifled, Wesley playing the role of Macho Man of the evening thus far...
  • Steph Curry obviously believes the old adage that "shooters keep shooting." Ice cold.
  • LMA bricks a bunny and a minute later clangs a dunk attempt out of bounds at the side. Blech. This is a rough game for him. A 5 point Blazer lead quickly becomes just 1 point.
  • 4-on-1 break with a nice Andre touch pass ends with Rudy getting fouled in the face. Rudy bricks the first shot. The Blazers are the undisputed kings of lamarcusing their free throws, no doubt about it.
  • Wesley Matthews isn't really Marty Webster 2.0, he's Brandon Roy 2.0. How good is that free agent signing looking now?
  • Blazer lead was 6 at the 6:00 mark. Didn't we play this count-down-the-lead game during the last Warriors game?
  • Smart went with Reggie Williams over the ice cold Curry at the 6:00 mark. Good move.
  • Udoh looks like a real keeper for the Warriors.
  • Warriors tied it up with a long ball by Dorell Wright at 3:34. Cheerleaders in Santa skirts danced.
  • Rudy not taking an open shot and passing into a breakaway turnover for Wright? NSFBE x 15. What an idiot! That was a game changer. Mega choke. Words don't fail me, but they're ALL CAPS and OBSCENE. It's like the worst QB in the NFL on his own 20 yard line throwing a brain-dead pick-6 on a telegraphed out pattern...
  • Golden State was on a 12-0 run and the Blazers had to call time. Warriors 102, Blazers 97.
  • MB: "Portland ice cold at the worst possible time." Yep.
  • Rad misses a drive to the rack that would be close to dagger. LMA picks the rebound up off the floor. After some buffonery, Wesley takes it to Lee and gets foulled, hitting a pair at 1:30. These were the first Blazer points in 3 and a half minutes.
  • Ellis another 3, another telegraphed and totally ridiculous turnover, this time by Wesley, that Ellis takes coast to coast. DAGGER, good night.
  • Portland shot 1-for-10 down the stretch, mixing in those idiot turnovers for good measure.
  • Golden State won this thing on a 17-2 run, the two Blazer points being free throws... 
  • Portland is now 1 win and 10 losses in their last 11 visits to Oakland.


Let's take at this thang graphically, shall we?


Here's some swell pictures that you can print out on your Epson and hang on the wall. CLICK THE LINK.

Here's what I see:

A. Back and forth they go, and where they stop, nobody knows. Keep in mind that the biggest spread in either direction was just 8 points — pretty amazing considering how crapalicious the Blazers were for a couple of extended stretches.

B. The 11-1 GSW run at the start of the 3rd Quarter was on the Blazer starters; the 16-2 run in the 4th Quarter that turned the game and won it for them was on Andre, LMA, Wesley, Rudy, and a tag-team of Dante and Nic.

C. Team leader in Plus/Minus was Patty Mills, who was +7 in just over 14 minutes of action. Dodging those two big Portland offensive FAILs will do that for ya.

D. Steph Curry was actually +7 for the night, matching the final margin of victory. This is surprising since he was a horrific 2-for-15 from the floor and couldn't play decent defense because of his ankle. Portland failed to take advantage of him the way they should have, it seems.

E. Andre Miller quietly accumulated a game-high 15 Assists. I still am convinced that the Assist is one of the most overrated stats in basketball.

F. Portland led at the end of the 1st Quarter, led at Halftime, led at the end of the 3rd Quarter, and lost. That seems to be a recurring theme this season... There really is something called "Brandon Time," it would seem...


*   *   *



Finally, here's the TBJ master mash of 2010 in Review...


The Basketball Jones is a NBA blog and video/audio podcast, written and recorded five times a week by J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Jason Doyle and Matt Osten. Assume that there will be a couple Not Suitable For Work words used in any given episode.


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