Believing in the Blazers

The Blazers organization needs to give its fans something to believe in. Be it by a serious of trades over time or a miracle of physical healing, the Blazers need to identify for its fans what, exactly, needs to be done in order to achieve a successful basketball.

The goal doesn't have to be for a title run today, next week, next month, next year, or even in the next 30 months; but fans are disillusioned. The only way to change that is to give them hope.

The front office wants to do a little hoping themselves? Fine. But admit it, there's not going to be a dominant Roy/Oden/Aldridge era in Portland. At best, the current team will make the playoffs and be unceremoniously dispatched like a cop to an 11:00 pm Friday noise complaint

Is that anybody's fault? Not really. We'll question the training staff, or the organization for not properly vetting their potential superstars. We'll never have proof that either was responsible for Oden's and Roy's physical conditions. It would suck if both of them have had their ability to achieve and maintain All-Star status taken away. Sometimes it really feels like that's what's happening.

Maybe that's wrong. I hope it is.

Since it probably isn't, the Blazers must say something, and then actually do something to prove their ability to make the best out of a terrible situation.

Tell me, how much is going public with this going to hurt the Blazers' chances to land solid trades, or in any other tangible way hurt the organization? It seems if your team's problems consist if their two potential franchise players being cruelly sapped of their physical ability, it's not a secret. Every team, their D-league affiliates, and their mother can see them too.

So give your fans the respect they deserve. Yeah, they'll complain, maybe because it's a coping method, or maybe to draw attention to themselves.

But if you treat humans like other humans instead of as consumers and bureaucrats, life is just a lot easier.

Go public with the fact that you don't even want to develop a plan, if that's the case. You can either give fans a broad target to point toward and say, "That's kind of where we're headed," or watch as they (rightfully) sit around for years bitching about how Roy is an anchor, McMillan's offenses suck, the roles are ill-defined, how the intensity level of the team is manic, etc. Fans like those don't enjoy or get involved with the team; that means a loss of advertising sales, ticket sales, the very real sense that people care about their team, and merchandising sales. Deciding which among those is worst, I'll leave to you.

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