To Roy...Or Not to Roy

Hopefully this isn't really a question, but with this group in management...who knows.


It would seem obvious that building around Roy is a foolish investment for the team to make, but if you believe the recent rumor about a offer of Miller and the GOE (Greg Oden Exception) for Crawford it seems like the team is still in Roy-centric Mode. 

The make-up of the team has always confused me, as the coach and the star seem to dictate a certain type of player, but the management (KP) seemed to like players more suited to a running style and finesse play.  LA, Batum, Rudy, for example.  Now, Nate always claimed that at running unit was ideal for the second unit, but that never materialized.


So what would a true Roy-Centric roster look like?  Roy loved him some Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw, but since that ship has sailed what about Shane Battier and Avery Bradley

Battier seems like he would finally be a guy who could fit what Nate wants in a SF...stand in the corner and play defense!  Bradley is unproven but on paper this guy is seems like a good fit.  A potential defensive stud who can shoot and run the point just enough not to threaten Roy. 

If Matthews could learn to play off the bench, he could the third wing and the back up pg spots should be alright with Armon and Patty. 

The Center spot is covered.  A defensive stud who can rebound like crazy, heck, we got three of 'em!  The only thing is, with the exception of Camby they really shouldn't shoot.  A Brad Miller type would be a good big to round out the front line.

The real sad part about the aborted future of the Roy-Centric team...this year's draft.  Nolan Smith, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker.  Man, finally some points that fit with Roy.

Which brings up my real thought - With And Without Roy -  It seems to me (IMHO) that the team's future is bright both with Roy and if Roy goes down.  I am speaking of the point guards mentioned above (there are others even in this draft). 

If Roy goes down the roster you are left with is a group of young athletes that have scoring potential but may struggle to create their own shot.  A good pg solves that problem, Miller is unlikely to be a long term solution but if Roy could stand to have him on the team next year he could bridge the gap until the team lands a guy who can shoot and defend well enough to play with Roy, but also create enough to lead the team if Roy goes down.


Get 'er done Cho!

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