A Tribute to Genuis Junk Drawer 12/11

Tom in Hawaii's hatred of Andre Miller is well documented. Some have thought he was silly. Some have thought he was crazy. Some have thought he was a troll. Well, I call him a genius in social commentary.  And since I understand that some users prefer having a jump in here, even though it does nothing for me, this seems like a good place to use it.

The thing is, Tom has decided that Andre Miller is a terrible player for the Blazers. But before anyone says, "Well, that's just nuts!" remember that we live in a country where making up one's mind, then finding the facts to support that position is completely normal. Politics is a prime example of this. Democrats and Republicans assume their positions, then find every conceivable shred of statistic that seemingly supports their assumption. And these are the people we elect to be in charge of enough firepower to destroy the world a hundred times over. 

It's because we decide things the same way. We decide who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. And our decisions are unimpeachable. For there is always some reason to justify our thought process. And to further justify ourselves, anything that supports our conclusion is solid evidence, and anything that disagrees with our conclusion is spurious evidence. 

And it is using this "logical" system that our world is governed, our cities are governed, and our own personal lives are governed. Our society is one gigantic failure of logic. And the idea that there is no such thing as truth has incubated in this environment, because truth is roundly ignored when it doesn't fit our system. 

This is also true in sports. Whether Nate McMillan is a good coach or not, for example. Many have decided one way or another, myself included, and each piece of evidence either confirms our assumption, or is a random statistical outlier, not enough to convince us to change our minds. And so evidence is of little use.

But what is truly effective at changing minds is sustained yelling. If someone says something long enough and loud enough, people start to believe it. An expert at this is John Canzano. Everybody hates him, but you know, before long, many agree with his statements from last month. But Canzano is an innovator. By the time every one agrees with him from yelling loudly enough, it is time to move people to the next thing. Nobody thinks they agree with Canzano, but he has secretly changed minds all over Portland with this method. It's ingenious, and it is precisely why he still gets hefty paychecks from the paper and the radio.

But here's another thing. Arguing for positives is always a losing proposition. Because people will flock to the negative. You may be the most amazing person "for" something. But you will never win against someone who is "against" something. We have a negative society. We respond to negative stimulii. Negativity is power.

(The following may or may not be true, but it sounds really good:)

Enter Tom in Hawaii. Whether he figured this out on his own, or just stumbled into it, I do not know. But the world's politicians should take notice. He went and made up his mind to be negative about the one player no one thought to be negative about. Andre Miller was about the last player on the Blazers who was deserving of hate. He had just got here. He was playing well. Everyone was hating Steve Blake and Nate McMillan for not playing him more. And Tom went and took the opposite tact. 

Tom in Hawaii decided to go against the grain, and he decided to use the most successful method ever devised. He used the same reasoning that fueled everyone else. And he did it loudly. By deciding first that Andre Miller was the worst thing that ever happened to the Trailblazers, his position was unimpeachable. If he had used facts to come to this conclusion, then nobody would have heard him. Facts are useless in these situations. But by deciding first, and using every conceivable moment to "prove" his case, he has changed minds. Something facts can never do. 

Now the draw back in his plan is that he chose the most difficult target possible. Everyone had already decided that Andre Miller was the best possible point guard for this team. And I mean everyone except BRandon Roy and Nate McMillan. It would have been far easier to turn these two into villans, as others have since done, but Tom went for broke. If he was going to succeed, he was going to succeed big.

And that's what separates Tom from our Canzano. Canzano goes for the easy targets. And Canzano will always be small time because of it. Tom has set his sights higher. Tom is going to change the Blazer world, not just nudge it here and there.

And it's working. Tom and his world changing idea are not as crazy as they used to be. By shouting loudly enough, people are open to the possibility that Miller may not be in the Blazers' best interests. And the reaction to the torpedo incident is verifies my preconceived ideas about Tom. Because those who had decided ahead of time that Miller was good loved the fire. But look how many chastised Miller. That would not have been possible without a man from Hawaii by the name of Tom.

So if Tom in Hawaii is illogical in his hate for Miller, than all of the posters on Blazersedge are illogical. If Tom is a troll, then all of the posters on Blazersedge need to be banned. If Tom is just trying to rile people up for his own personal ego, then so is everyone else. Tom may or may not be a genius. But I've decided that he's my hero. 

Still, that's too positive. No one will buy it. I will live in anonymity for this view. And I think I like it that way. Voyeurism is more socially acceptable alone.


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