Antoine Walker (Game 4 Update)))))

Game 4 update: Antoine Walker plays 33 min - 11/20 fg - 2/6 3pt - 1/3 ft - 8rbs - 1 ast - 1 stl - 1to - 25pts

He and Luke Babbitt are the star's of this team. The crowd was loving Toine's game. Did I mention he was playing away? Oops! Tiny Gallon of the Maine team, was impressive. 6 10' 290lbs of beastiness! He can shoot the long ball too! He was trying to take it to Walker all game. He faired well against the vet. But the veteran's tricks allowed him a better game offensively, even though they lost. Antoine is gonna get a contract after the new year. His experience and good play ensure it in my opinion. Why not look to add him? Also, what do we know about Tiny Gallon. He really is a beast!


Game 3 update: Antoine Walker plays 24 minutes and has 6pts., 8rbs., 1ast., 1to., 1blk..

What is worth noting, is he had a +10, which was the highest on the team. He did not start the game but was the most productive player in terms of the +- system. Also, he had 4 offensive rebounds which I really like to see. His 8 shot attempts were the lowest of the season, and the Stampede lost the game by 5. Makes you wonder if he would have taken his 11 shots a game avg., could that have been the difference in this game? Now, this being the farm league for these guys, and the fact it has only been 3 games for Antoine. I realize he is not burning a hole in the stat sheets, but he doesn't need to score 30. The Blazers need a balanced role player. He has so far managed this task! Show you can deliver as a team player and not just a dude that can shoot for the elusive 4 pointer!


BOX SCORE LINK BELOW - Please copy and paste link. My computer is being dumb, or maybe it's me!


I am looking to gather opinions on a potential addition of Antoine Walker?

Here's mine: He can give us that depth on the bench that is obviously needed. Also, Walker brings a ton of experience, as he is a former super-star(not my words), and NBA champion. I know his popularity is not high at this moment. Though, neither is his salary demand. I see a great talent, aside from the air ball free throw we saw on his debut. Walker brings what is lacking at the PF position. Portland desperately needs a true back-up PF presence. He also spreads the floor with his ability to shoot the long ball and deep mid range shot. Oh, he gives rebounding too! Really, I do not see any reason that the Blazers do not go after him. Luke is on the D league with him, so you know he is getting eyed by Blazer brass, if even unwanted. I mean he has to at least be as effective as Sean Marks, right? In my opinion, Antoine Walker would give immediate attention to a small market team. The revenue off of him would surely be more than what it would cost the organization to sign him. That is the bottom line in a business that has seen continual loss. Rich Cho is here to gain a financial hold on this slow-bleeding team. Walker, may be a shaded image of his old self, but it is a valid idea that they look at this former champion.

On a side note:

Now, two games into the league. Antoine Walker, and the Idaho Stampede find themselves 2-0. Some of those dimes he has been dishing out are to our dude, "Luuuuuuke".

See fanshots on some vids on Antoine Walker...

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