Those Moments

Had to get this out of my system so bear with me while I wax a bit philosophical and maybe a little poetic. Why do I watch Blazers games and follow the team? After thinking about this for awhile I have to conclude that it's not really about getting to a championship or destroying every team we meet.

All of that would be nice for sure and should be a goal, certainly. For me, though, I think my interest could be summed up in moments in time. Certain moments that are special to me are the main reason I follow this team.

In honesty, we're going to lose games this season we should win and we're going to win games we probably shouldn't. Players will probably go down with injury every once in awhile as is with every NBA team. Our main guys will have bad nights and some of our developing players with knock our socks off out of nowhere every once in awhile. This is the nature of the NBA.

In following this team I get to experience those moments when something awesome happens. The moments that I will never get to experience myself on the scale our guys in the NBA get to experience it. As fans, we get to watch highlight plays, epic wins, game winning shots...guys with the weight of the world on their shoulders overcoming pressure to do something amazing. In some strange way, we get to share these things with along for the ride so to speak.

Ok some examples then (all open in new windows)...

Dre torching the Nuggets and then his epic breakaway dunk

Marcus Camby chant in the Rose Garden after he torched the Thunder

The Return of Brandon Roy

LMA slapping KG on the back of the head

There are obviously alot more as I just picked a few at random. Sabas, Maurice Lucas on and on and on. Everybody's reason for following a team may be different but this is just me saying lets remember some of the epic moments that this team has given us.

Settling into the season we have alot of questions and, sometimes, some negativity but this is one of the positive posts. If you have highlight plays or moments from this particular Blazers squad or any past roster that made you stand up in your chair at home or made you jump out of your seat in the Rose Garden completely psyched for sheer awesomeness, go ahead and share with a link to the highlight or moment if possible.

This time we just celebrate what we've been given so far and recognize some of the greatness that is coming our way this matter how many wins or losses we end up with.

If you have any highlights or something you want in a poll just let me know.

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